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can you provide evidence that "China Uncensored" is spying on you?
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are u a CCP spy?
17d · Taiwan
84d · Censorship
indian: Twitter is del 100s tweets that the gov complains about. US: twitter blocks sitting president
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if investing in something is like a game of chess then most people don't even think one move ahead. People need to learn to think more critically.
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Taiwan Numba One !!!
The YouTube Alternative


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wow what happened to don't be evil
143d · Taiwan
China has declared war on bitcoin

LoL i guess they are running low on Coal after banning Australian coal imports
153d · Taiwan
Tweets like this are in the 'computer programming topic' on twitter.
Do you where a bikini at work? No then fucken developers dont look like this
Facebook BLOCKS Australians from Sharing News!

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I respect FB and zuck much more now for standing up to this extortion racket set up by the government. The Google Ceo decided to simp and throw the AUSGoogle MD under the bus
154d · Wallstreetbets
why is it so hard to see replies in memo.cash is shit ux why noise.cash is so popular?
replied 170d
while memo is an open interoperable protocol - sure you need some bch to post but it really doesn't cost that much
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it's basically a centralized social networking service ie like twitter (but with worse performance). However its got bch tipping integrated. New users get some bch to tip.
Will Yellen Be Good or Bad for Crypto?

176d · Privacy
memo collects IP data when you connect, does anyone know when its deleted?
176d · noise.cash
i think its hype from free tips. The UI is a bit better than here though. But its UI is obviously far worse than twitter and reddit - which it is more similar too.
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yea when i saw it in my news feed i questioned it. Then checked wsb to see a thread about it being a fake push. Maybe some exwsb members approached the msm or something more malicious
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