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Did you know for ages Google had a feature that automatically signed you into your browser if you signed into Gmail. Then they changed the bookmark sync feature to also sync extensions
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Dear Bank of England: Go Home, You’re Drunk

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in a way this is a good thing because its incentivizing the demise of fiat currencies...
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replied 982d
Apple cannot control the scope of this surveillance due to the obvious injection vulnerability presented by scanning images against third-party database outside of their control.
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Then anyone who stores the actual doc's in iCloud will be identified as holding CP, the finger print will match the redacted docs and the whistle blower would be caught. p2
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Apple says they only for scan for CP. But how it works is that they scan against fingerprints from a government run databases. But the NSA could upload redacted scans of leaked doc p1
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can you provide evidence that "China Uncensored" is spying on you?
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are u a CCP spy?
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indian: Twitter is del 100s tweets that the gov complains about. US: twitter blocks sitting president
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if investing in something is like a game of chess then most people don't even think one move ahead. People need to learn to think more critically.
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Taiwan Numba One !!!
The YouTube Alternative


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wow what happened to don't be evil
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China has declared war on bitcoin

LoL i guess they are running low on Coal after banning Australian coal imports
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Tweets like this are in the 'computer programming topic' on twitter.
Do you where a bikini at work? No then fucken developers dont look like this
Facebook BLOCKS Australians from Sharing News!

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I respect FB and zuck much more now for standing up to this extortion racket set up by the government. The Google Ceo decided to simp and throw the AUSGoogle MD under the bus