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19d · VR Games
Battle Royale in VR: Population One Quest 2 Hands-On!
20d · Coronavirus
24d · Games
Tony Hawk Pro Skater gets love on last nights Saturday Night Live
30d · OpenBazaar
33d · OpenBazaar
34d · OpenBazaar
replied 39d
in short, it's a decentralized shopify alternative that integrates with several other platforms, and if you use the dshop app, you can accept almost any crypto for payment.
replied 39d
I went to check that out @ but after watching their sexy high quality promo vid i know even less than i thought i did about it.
49d · COVID-19
How Covid Reveals The Ghoulish Reality Behind Anti Homeless Propaganda
158d · COVID-19
52d · Hiphop / Rap
The Roots giving a great performance demo #HipHop
49d · Abstract Art
"Samskara" by Android Jones from Burning Man 2020
52d · All Gas No Brakes
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
58d · Music
Reggie Watts Live (in VR) Concert - Bobby McFerrin Tribute
58d · gaming
Pistol Whip Custom Track - The Cars - Shake It Up
58d · VR Games
Tetris Effect on Oculus Quest - Journey - Complete, No Deaths, "SS" Ranks Only, and one Ultimatris!
58d · Hiphop / Rap
Method Man going in on Math Hoffa battle rap
83d · Hiphop / Rap
Conway the Machine and Meth drop some straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥
#methodman #conway #hiphop #griselda #wutangclan
65d · OpenBazaar
136d · Music
Reggie Watts sings The Never Ending Story and then a full freestyle song using his mouth and a looper inspired by a Pizza slice glitch all in VR
136d · Games
Pistol Whip Custom Track

Pistol Whip Custom Track
136d · VR Games
First Ultimatris!
159d · Games
#Tetris Effect on Oculus Quest
173d · coronavirus
175d · Goodbye Steemit
Apparently the Steemit crowd
seem to be inspiring migration to
Impressive growth,
albeit somewhat 'steemy' compositions..