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Hi everyone, I designed a new Bitcoin Cash logo and I'm releasing it without any copyright restrictions. Feel free to use it in your projects! https://loomenaughty.com/bitcoin-cash-logo/
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Who told you that?
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I disagree – for the foreseeable future, hard forks are needed to implement scaling improvements. What needs to be set in stone is which changes we'll approve when fork time occurs.
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Is this disagreement really that deep?
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2, but in a Spanish accent.
Is it possible to create a tx from an empty address to burn a certain amount, with the intent someone else would fund it before nodes propagate it? #bchtechnicals
6. Any zubzequent poztingz muzt exprezz exuberance without using exclaimationz BANANA
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Are we consumers and citizens?
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If this OP_RETURN message were pruned by every node on the planet, would that cause any issues for someone downloading the blockchain in the future? (Other than not being able to see this throwaway question?)
Apple Books has multiple versions of Kapital from $0.99 but Google Books hosts a pdf for free.
Today: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC).
Some day: Bitcoin (BCH), Bitcoin Classic (BTC).
Congestion of BTC & strong usage of BCH for apps & commerce are what will ultimately prove this reality.
We've got work to do.
I can’t answer any questions, but would it be “I met an MIB agent today,” or “I met a MIB agent today?”
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Not trying to be a downer, but since this is an immutable chain, shouldn’t we stick to links that aren’t subject to change or eventual 404 by bch.gg going out of business?
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But ultimately wouldn’t you be paying the fees with a known address, tying everything back together?
Can we have an option to display our balances & tip in bits/cash?
I feel the same way. I’ve asked on reddit, hopefully someone smart can get back to us either here or there: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/8ne0gf/node_software_to_read_op_return_statuses/
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When BCH/BTC = 1, will it have been by BCH rising to BTC levels, or BTC falling to Bitcoin Cash levels?
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How do you feel that Facebook, Google, etc know what colors, scenery, words you prefer and use that knowledge to tailor ad messaging to your tastes?
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How is such a credit score calculated? Standard bank-issued FICO credit score or something else?
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Thank you! I did make it myself & that’s me on the shirt, so I guess that makes me a little self centered. I like what you’re doing on your site, good work!
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Bits vs Cash. (What do we call 1 millionth of a bitcoin?) https://loomenaughty.com/help/bitsvscash/
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Ben, you're quite the young fellow. I'm afraid I must ask for those 10,000 satoshis, it's getting quite cold and we need them to stay warm you see.
Happy Sunday, taxpayers. I am the Loomenaughty and I would love if you would visit my website: https://loomenaughty.com