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If they get ABC to add replay protection they can claim the royal blood line later. They clearly plan beat BTC as well as BCH.
I rather think we just prevented it by not letting SV being the majority chain.
Decentralization FTW!
You cannot win a hashware before it has started.
What’s memopay? Is that separate from memo?
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It'd be nice if a Memo user could earn a bit of satoshi for every reply he gets, for every memo on the topic he/she has created. in fact it is a userstarts an interesting thread it should get rewarded
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ~African proverb
ULPT: when you visit a public bathroom, replace the toilet paper with flypaper in order to get rid of your excess flypaper
I encourage people to set their likes in Settings to at least dust limit to reward measurably both miners (which 0 sat likes do) and content producers. I did
"The four corners of the Earth" --- common knowledge.
It's not meant to make sense, just to waste time.
I was looking to buy one of those stickers that said 'bitcoin cash: a peer to peer electronic currecny'
anyone know where to get one or ten of them?
If this OP_RETURN message were pruned by every node on the planet, would that cause any issues for someone downloading the blockchain in the future? (Other than not being able to see this throwaway question?)
I need a spend and replace wallet. Bitcoin atms can be linked to an exchange to buy bch immediately if someone withdraws bch. The technology is there, how difficult could this be. Can we start a bounty for this.
ULPT: Point out tip harvesting behaviour in order to farm tips
Apple Books has multiple versions of Kapital from $0.99 but Google Books hosts a pdf for free.
Gavin: "... two parachutes and my backpack"
One of the biggest threats of Lightning Network is that, with a huge network of open channels, forking will become very difficult. It makes BTC subject to capture by adversaries.
Contrary to common belief, most money in the world is not produced by central banks but is instead created by commercial lenders when they lend beyond the deposits they hold for savers.
Is there anything more satisfying than looking at what you just did after 2 hours of blasting dirt away with a pressure washer ?
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The blockchain is the API! But good idea, making it easier to build apps using memo would be good.
An American Genesis - https://bch.gg/2o
Agnes Water Queensland/Australia