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Whoa just saw this and it seems huge, new CryptoKit will allow key storage and encryption hashs to and from the secure element, like FaceID, and open to developers.. https://developer.apple.com/documentation/cryptokit
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Long term I think the bit is a clear winner in terms of usability. Simple, easy to understand, and divisible to 100 sats, just as all present-day currencies are divisible to 100 cents.
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It all started with Bits. I remember getting bits from coinbase whenever someone registers from my referral link last 2015 I get some few bits.
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Which is your preferred denomination?
Bitcoin - 100 million satoshis 19 votes · 8,888 satoshis
Microbitcoin (mBXX) - 1 million satoshis 2 votes · 0 satoshis
Bits - 1,000 satoshis 14 votes · 1,234 satoshis
Satoshis 19 votes · 42,228 satoshis

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Advocate for ranked choice voting, abolishing the electoral college, or eliminating lobbyists/money in politics. It's the best chance we've got
Nice Fivebucks alternative - Workingforbitcoins: https://workingforbitcoins.com/?f
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Love it! We will need all kinds of logos to suit different businesses/markets, thanks for your hard work Loom!
Personally I dislike it. Looks like a brand for baby stuff. I'll give a tip for the effort tho.
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Hi everyone, I designed a new Bitcoin Cash logo and I'm releasing it without any copyright restrictions. Feel free to use it in your projects! https://loomenaughty.com/bitcoin-cash-logo/
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If they get ABC to add replay protection they can claim the royal blood line later. They clearly plan beat BTC as well as BCH.
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Who told you that?
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I rather think we just prevented it by not letting SV being the majority chain.
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Decentralization FTW!
You cannot win a hashware before it has started.
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I disagree – for the foreseeable future, hard forks are needed to implement scaling improvements. What needs to be set in stone is which changes we'll approve when fork time occurs.
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Is this disagreement really that deep?
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What’s memopay? Is that separate from memo?
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2, but in a Spanish accent.