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Agreed. Will history repeat itself?
Miami Bitcoin Conference was a success for BCH. The people at are tirelessly trying to increase BCH adoption!

I bought the stamp with XMR (my second favorite crypto) during the last big bull party and thought you guys might like the picture.
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Stop hodling your slp tokens and start tipping them lol!
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let's interact more guys
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Having to keep records of every transaction for tax purposes is, for me, one of the biggest barriers to spending more. Does anyone have a good solution in absence of this bill passing?
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Preferred tip token?
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Huge update coming to Crescent Cash soon! I'm so excited for this update. It will fix so many issues and allow for introducing cooler features in the future. :)

One thing this will enable in the near future is (...)
This year is coming to a close, so I'd like to end it by wishing you all a Happy New Year. Thank you for supporting my Monday Memos throughout the year and renewing my interest in Memo. #MondayMemo
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Thank you for developing and keeping Memo amazing for us all!
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In the explorer dropdown for posts on there is now a link to Member
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Good ol' money bags. Looks like many are liking his/her own posts
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I will be back I need to deal with this alcoholism, I have an addictive personality so it is difficult for me, going to give the top tippers BCH to hand out to everyone. Sorry if that is a burden, keep it if you want.
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The sum of all things fixed by prayers during our history is 0.
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