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15d · memo
🎉800,000 memo transactions🎉
26d · Coronavirus
I hope all you will not be infected by the coronavirus.
26d · Coronavirus
With all the quarantines anyone else wondering how many kids are going to be born just in time for Xmas?
25d is an alternative to (an ABC-controlled website). It is still being worked on as I've been doing it by myself for the most part, but please let me know of any fixes needed!
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How many Americans will the COVID-19 virus kill compared to the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic (≈12,000 deaths)?
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33d · Coronavirus
Does anyone else feel like they are the only one taking this seriously of the people around them? Or are we over-reacting?
35d · Coronavirus
can be useful
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White men are people too
I'm not looking at China. I'm looking at Italy and South Korea. Numbers are pretty consistent in terms of mortality. In fact, it may be higher at 3% rather than 2% mortality.
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36d · Coronavirus
This would make Coronavirus more lethal than the flu pandemic of 1968, Asian flu of 1956-1958, but less lethal than the Spanish Flu of 1918.
36d · Coronavirus
Global mortality estimate: infects 7.5% of 7B people (typical flu season) at 2% mortality (about 20x more lethal than flu) = 10.6M dead. Thoughts?
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You rock!!! Ignore twatter... what a toxic douche.
63d · site status
The site is still experiencing slowness. The cause has been identified and an update is being worked on. Hopefully it will be out in the next day or so.
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Your criticism is insulting and not constructive. The fact that we are all here using this site speaks to its success.
Memo slowing??? Never mind its still my best crypto App.😊..

Be safe everyone
64d · site status
I am aware of site slowness and am looking into it
65d · site status
There have been some reports of transactions not propagating. The issue looks to be resolved but I am investigating root cause.
replied 77d
Agreed. Will history repeat itself?
Miami Bitcoin Conference was a success for BCH. The people at are tirelessly trying to increase BCH adoption!