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You can now easily share posts and profiles using the explorer dropdown (top right of posts, next to image in profiles). These also use shortened URLs.
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#dailymemo did you notice now has a DEX for SLP tokens?
Whether it's incels, racists or anti-semites they all seem to have something in common. A false belief set fueled with confirmation bias.
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Frankly that's a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of businesses there are. But I did find one that I thought was bogus and reported it. That's all you can do.
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If you need to get rid of fake tokens, one option is to send them to the bitcoin eater address -
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The page for viewing all tokens for sale has been removed. If you want to see which tokens are for sale look at the individual token you want to buy. This also allows you to see the cheapest offer
· 13d · Tokens
I see some people are still accidentally using the wrong tokens -
replied · 13d
Is there a way to identify counterfeit tokens besides looking at the source?
replied · 13d
Are there really as many BCH merchants as marco coino and other sites suggest?
replied · 15d
Any plans to allow collapsing of comment strings for better readability of threads?
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Here's stats for Memo:
July - 176 commits, 432 files changed, 11715 insertions(+), 7018 deletions(-)
June - 164 commits, 265 files changed, 12744 insertions(+), 1825 deletions(-)
Happy Birthday BCH
Happy BCH independent day!
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Funny ‘cause that gif is him pointing to himself in the mirror, railing a chick he’s about to kill, but yeah I donated ;)
I can't help it. But I feel extremely bullish on BCH these days. It seems there is a good streak of productiveness in the community both with regards to adoption as well as development :-)

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You can also view tips by individual tokens, e.g. for SPICE:
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There is now a feed of all token tips:
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