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I have been drinking this water and holy [email protected]! it cured my erectile dysfunction
try it!!!
replied 35d
Cousin has much money, but can’t get past of customs before it is his money from being Prince and he was fired. He make put in tour account and give you much money.
replied 35d
are you like actually retarded? does stupidity of this caliber take effort or does it just flow out?
replied 35d
that's totally unfair, watch, send me 1 bch and I'll send you 2 back just to prove that some people are trustworthy.
replied 45d
Biden Certainly wasn't my first choice but i can't imagine it will be anywhere near as devastating as a second trump term would have been
replied 47d
yeah, the biggest expenses i think are the secret service detail, whats absurd about it though is that it isn't just him spending money on gold, it's him spending it at his own resort
replied 47d
Yeah. Trump lost when he failed to take COVID seriously.

All he had to do was not pretend the biggest pandemic in 100 years was No Big Deal, and he’d have skated into a second term
replied 47d
I've sadly thought exactly the same, someone brought to my attention that if another shitstick dictator who wasn't a complete moron managed to elected that we would be in real trouble
replied 47d
Homie has spent over 200 years worth of presidential salaries (tax money taken from people like myself) just on expenses for his golf trips. That alone is an infuriating abuse of power
replied 47d
The idea of this dude who inherited and promptly fumbled his entire fortune (now in an insurmountable mountain of debt) Is somehow the champion of the working class is a gigantic joke
replied 47d
Way rigged and the congress was unfairly stealing power from the rightful winner of the election then I suppose the only answer would be to act that way but that's just not the case
replied 47d
Single inquiry and investigation into voter fraud and election interference produced absolutely no evidence supporting this claim, if there was evidence that the election was in some..
replied 47d
He let loose a mob of angry, misinformed and violent people onto the Capitol of the country who believed that there's no way he could have actually lost an election, while every...
replied 47d
*gestures broadly at everything* there's almost nothing he's done that actually helps the majority of his supporters, he's created a shitstorm with a half assed covid response...
Imagine thinking Donald fucking trump isn't completely full of shit. I can't even begin to warp my brain into the mental fuckery required for such a thing. Its mind boggling. He's betrayed you the entire time.
48d · US Politics/Trump
HAHAHA Turmp is the all time biggest fucking loser! Lost 2 popular votes. Lost the EC. Lost a 2nd term. Lost the Senate. Lost the House. Lost the PGA. Just to name a few LUL
maaaaaaybe a peaceful transition of power is the cornerstone of a modern democracy idk
it is not death a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. -marcus aurelius
Merry jesus day- may santa give you stuff, stay safe and love deeply. cheers
replied 125d
White men are people too
the hat game is a real hot button item this election season.
replied 125d
its all wack if you ask me. lobbying to government does have an important role to play in affecting change (good and bad) idk. it's all so convoluted
voted Deep state puppet 2 6,666 sat 127d
created poll 127d
Who will you vote for?
Deep state puppet 1 1 votes · 0 satoshis
Deep state puppet 2 2 votes · 6,666 satoshis
Deep state puppet 3 2 votes · 10,000 satoshis
Deep state puppet 4 1 votes · 0 satoshis


replied 127d
Puppet three really cares about my rights, their track record shows.
replied 127d
I would consider the "deep state" all of the behind closed doors financial deals that politicians make that helps sway them to pass bills.
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How many Trump supporters do we have?
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D- Don't trust media 7 votes (7 unique) · 25,888 satoshis