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Based in the vibrant desert near Sedona Arizona, D'sovo industries makes it's leap onto the blockchain with it's art, cooking and insights into random burnout engineering.


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maybe.... if we eat each others asses enough, the other side of the debate will see that we were right the whole time.
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what am i missing? what happened?
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blowing bubbles into the neighborhood while you have an active covid infection could be seen as biological terrorism.
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Devil Cholla in bloom on an overcast morning
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Thx will check it out
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Bloodborne is the superior choice here. a hoonter must hoont.
The chef at farm-a-gogo and his duck eggs

one of my favorite plants, penstemon eatonii

Found a little patch of ocotillo in the desery by my house, i thought it got too cold for them up here but i guess not

a cactus bloom from my hike this morning
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zippity zoppity
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hell yeah, i work on a food truck that goes to one in my town, i have been missing all of the free beer lol
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First thing I'm doing post-lockdown is heading to the brewery
it's tragic, i wish now more than ever, that i could go to a bar and argue with strangers while getting more intoxicated than i should be. It's criminal really.

Futurama Benders Game Part 3
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That's awesome, I actually got into it because I love ginger beer so much, working on getting a bug going right now. Let me know if you have any other good recipes
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ginger beer is one that I've been making for a while now too but I've never done the bug the right way, i have some champagne yeast that i use to ferment with then keg it up
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yeah man, i'm hoping to do a bunch of videos for all the cooking/ brewing shit that i do. I started my adventure that'll be raging politics and cooking lol anarcho_culinary
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Then I blended it up with some habanero garlic honey I fermented last month and brine until it was liquid. I reserved half and made it much milder, the flavor still kicks ass though
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ooooh snap that sounds dank. i love habanero. The mango, pineapple, habanero pico is the all time salsa champ in my opinion.
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did you ferment the hot sauce?? thats badass. a really fun and rewarding ferment is sour kraut. cabbage salt dill and caraway, so dank.
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Nice! How long have you been brewing?

I started fermenting during quarantine, definitely going to check this out. We just bottled some of the best hot sauce I've ever tasted
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I've been making my own soda on and off for about a year now, originally i built a big forced carbonation rig but i thought i'd try my hand at natural carbonation. fermentation is rad.