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replied 29d
White men are people too
the hat game is a real hot button item this election season.
replied 29d
its all wack if you ask me. lobbying to government does have an important role to play in affecting change (good and bad) idk. it's all so convoluted
voted Deep state puppet 2 6,666 sat 30d
created poll 30d
Who will you vote for?
Deep state puppet 1 1 votes · 0 satoshis
Deep state puppet 2 2 votes · 6,666 satoshis
Deep state puppet 3 2 votes · 10,000 satoshis
Deep state puppet 4 1 votes · 0 satoshis


replied 30d
Puppet three really cares about my rights, their track record shows.
replied 30d
I would consider the "deep state" all of the behind closed doors financial deals that politicians make that helps sway them to pass bills.
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How many Trump supporters do we have?
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D- Don't trust media 6 votes (6 unique) · 25,888 satoshis


replied 39d
You are making me seriously consider changing my vote. But I've made a pledge.
replied 39d
i was just browsing the website, it's delicious.
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. So, I guess McConnel has to make Trump wait to appoint a replacement till after the election, unless he's a hypocrite or something.
replied 79d
i legitimately love this story, i named my cat diogenes
replied 95d
replied 99d
i see the point man, i guess it wouldn't be as big of a deal if it didn't serve as a constant reminder of oppression that only very recently even got a little better
replied 100d
There in is the difference, we are not taught that statues are erected for shits, americans seem not to really be taught much of anything. the main statue im thinking of is of robert
replied 101d
you can preserve history without preserving white supremacy
replied 101d
I'm not arguing for the revision of history at all, certainly monuments to the struggles of slaves and deaths from the civil war should remain, but statues praising bigoted traitors?
replied 101d
erasing history would be something like black students in tulsa oklahoma not being taught about the tulsa massacre, a constant reminder of it in the middle of town might be shitty tho
replied 101d
and the IRS serves a purpose (especially to government) beyond reminding people that there needed to be a war over whether or not non white people should be treated as human.
replied 101d
if an historical black figure lead an army to defend enslaving you and your ancestors/kids you might hate a statue of that man that was erected even after your rights were "guaranteed"
replied 105d
fools are easily parted with their money
replied 105d
all i'm saying is that governments could be framed the same way. I agree with the sentiment that you have laid out wholeheartedly
replied 105d
lol "our leader will keep us safe" and " i don't think that it really matters" It's almost like voting in whatever sense is a moral obligation whether it be society or crypto