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1h · Capitol Siege
3h · Goodbye Facebook
3h · Capitol Siege
4h · covid-19
7h · tinfoil
7h · The IRS
The IRS set make you use facial recognition to access your taxes online
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7h · The IRS
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1d · Extremism
Extremism is "the quality or state of being extreme" or "the advocacy of extreme measures or views".
3d · Weird Stuff
Aliens attacking stuff with space lasers, that's what this is
3d · conspiracy
A plea to regulars to constructively support content creators on memo. If all content creators are consistently met with nothing but a barrage of paranoia and abuse, they’ll leave.
16h · History
This is during prohibition when they terrorists in the government confiscated alcohol. The terrorists also added a lot of poison to alcohol too murder alcoholics.
8h · covid-19
11h · PHARMAKEIA 💉🐮💉🐮
11h · Great Reset
The 4th industrial revolution is #transhumanism. The Great Reset
11h · Bill Gates
11h · Bill Gates
11h · Flat Earth
12h · Weed
12h · covid-19
NYPD Officers Arrest 9 Year Old Who Didn't Show Her Vaccine Card At A Museum
12h · covid-19
12h · covid-19
12h · PHARMAKEIA 💉🐮💉🐮