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"No one loves socialism quite like a moron who has never experienced it firsthand..."


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· 62d · pol/ - Politically Incorrect
I am back, maggots :)
· 173d · Trading
What? No new posts? Did you guys get sick of being wrong all the time? Wrong like those faggots in TradingView Cryptocurrency trollbox :)
· 173d · pol/ - Politically Incorrect
Honk honk faggots!
· 192d · pol/ - Politically Incorrect
Craig Wright, please eat shit with a spoon! You are not Satoshi! "Craig Wright Threatens to Sue Those Saying He is not Satoshi"
replied · 216d
Why dont you hang yourself, you LARP'ing faggot. YOU are a useless pile of shit. No society needs you.
replied · 216d
No, you demented jew, I love capitalism! Porn is not capitalism. It's a cultural Marxist degeneracy designed by jews to destroy the west. 99% of porn producers are jews!
· 217d · pol/ - Politically Incorrect
Hello future. Just so you know, Angela Merkel was (currently still is) a cunt and a traitor.
unfollowed topic US Politics/Trump · 217d
· 217d · US Politics/Trump
For fuck sake LightRider, you silly pinko fuck, you are still here taking to yourself!? Get a life!
replied · 246d
Degenerate porn pedlar, fuck off!
· 246d · What was the last great film you watched?
replied · 246d
Remove all foreign aid and western medicine from III world. Overpopulation problem solved. Everyone is happy. especially those III world countries.
· 261d · pol/ - Politically Incorrect
Her we go! Finally some good news too: Bodycam Captures Militant #Antifa Shot In The Head By Cops After Pulling Gun.
replied · 283d
I use Linux since about 2013. Had its ups and downs but Linux is better than win 10 without a doubt. If win 7 support is stopped Linux will be a great safetynet.
replied · 283d
African negroes hunted (and stil are) other negroes for slaves. Whites stopped global s trade. BTW, jews owned most slave trade ships. Africa, M East - you can still buy and own slaves
replied · 285d
How can anyone take you seriously anymore?..
replied · 330d
Expecting this to bring massive amount of fresh money to #CryptoCurrency markets? Why?
Millions of sacks of imaginary coffee are sold and bough while real coffee is never delivered
replied · 330d
Simon Van Gelder
You should really talk to dolphins about that statement of yours.
· 330d · BCH Speculation
Why is this #goodNews? "What Crypto Winter? Nasdaq to Launch Bitcoin Futures Market" - those are just derivatives! Rights to buy/sell #BTC @ blah. Nothing to do with actually buying BTC
replied · 330d
"If there is any iron in the lander, it should have melted."
Why? Heat is at the shield. For example ceramic brick, one end +1300 C, you can hold it at the other end 5 cm away
replied · 330d
Sk8eM dUb
René Descartes - the original author of "The Matrix"
replied · 330d
The joy of no censorship - cant be deleted nor edited
replied · 334d
Why? Because casino owner and #FakeSatoshi finally gave up? Awww...
replied · 334d
They are going their own way. Calvin Ayre concedes defeat https://cryptor.live/calvin-ayre-concedes-defeat/
· 334d · Bitcoin Cash
"Calvin Ayre Concedes Defeat" - new coin? I guess so. What about all the hashing power that was pulled from #BTC mining? #BCH #BCV