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"No one loves socialism quite like a moron who has never experienced it firsthand..."


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Degenerate porn pedlar, fuck off!
Remove all foreign aid and western medicine from III world. Overpopulation problem solved. Everyone is happy. especially those III world countries.
Her we go! Finally some good news too: Bodycam Captures Militant #Antifa Shot In The Head By Cops After Pulling Gun.
I use Linux since about 2013. Had its ups and downs but Linux is better than win 10 without a doubt. If win 7 support is stopped Linux will be a great safetynet.
African negroes hunted (and stil are) other negroes for slaves. Whites stopped global s trade. BTW, jews owned most slave trade ships. Africa, M East - you can still buy and own slaves
How can anyone take you seriously anymore?..
Expecting this to bring massive amount of fresh money to #CryptoCurrency markets? Why?
Millions of sacks of imaginary coffee are sold and bough while real coffee is never delivered
You should really talk to dolphins about that statement of yours.
Why is this #goodNews? "What Crypto Winter? Nasdaq to Launch Bitcoin Futures Market" - those are just derivatives! Rights to buy/sell #BTC @ blah. Nothing to do with actually buying BTC
"If there is any iron in the lander, it should have melted."
Why? Heat is at the shield. For example ceramic brick, one end +1300 C, you can hold it at the other end 5 cm away
René Descartes - the original author of "The Matrix"
The joy of no censorship - cant be deleted nor edited
Why? Because casino owner and #FakeSatoshi finally gave up? Awww...
They are going their own way. Calvin Ayre concedes defeat https://cryptor.live/calvin-ayre-concedes-defeat/
"Calvin Ayre Concedes Defeat" - new coin? I guess so. What about all the hashing power that was pulled from #BTC mining? #BCH #BCV
Now at 71.83%
Is everyone else realizing it's game over and moving to #BTC and #BCHABC? #HashWar
Who are those fat faggots?
#CoinGeek is left to mine it's SV coin? Wow! 68.75%
#BitcoinCash #BCHSV #HashWar
Prior to the hard fork on November 15, major cryptocurrency exchanges publicly expressed support towards the roadmap set forth by bitcoincash.org or ABC, the original #BitcoinCash...
my bat pattern just told me that #BCH @ 300 EUR is coming
Agreed. Don't be surprised, if one day we all find out that the ABC vs SV pissing contest was just a #kabuki theatre so big boys can buy cheap coin. #BCH #BCHSV
Calvin Ayre runs a casino where he milks degenerates aka gamblers. WTF is he yapping about #BCH?
#GoodNews everyone! "#BitcoinCash: #BSV Backer Calvin Ayre Now Wants a Permanent Split" https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-cash-bsv-backer-calvin-ayre-now-wants-a-permanent-split/
#BitcoinCash is currently 41% ahead on proof of work.
Bitcoin Cash is currently 18 blocks ahead. #BCH #BCHABC