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"No one loves socialism quite like a moron who has never experienced it firsthand..."

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replied 1216d
New (at the header nav bar of this site) -> Send -> send the satoshis in your memo account to one of your address.
replied 1216d
You do understand that VPN by ISP is exactly what you do not want. If your ISP is blocking VPN, find another one.
replied 1216d
I did that. Got the key form Account - Keys but nothing. Same with Coinomi wallet. :(
replied 1217d
Drop Coinmarketcap. It stinks after dog eaters bought it. Use coingecko.com
1217d · Capitalism
WTF!? This commie cretin LightRider is still here? Move to Venezuela, or N Korea, you dumb pinko fuck. Fuck you, fuck ANTIFA and fuck BLM - in other words, fuck Marxism & all you Marxist losers
1217d · Capitalism
What if you found out that Obama’s former chief counsellor (and rampant pedophile) John Podesta has openly called for UFO disclosure on several public occasions since 2002
replied 1217d
is there a new drama brewing again?
1217d · memo
How can I get my coins out of here?
1564d · pol/ - Politically Incorrect
I am back, maggots :)
1676d · Trading
What? No new posts? Did you guys get sick of being wrong all the time? Wrong like those faggots in TradingView Cryptocurrency trollbox :)
1676d · pol/ - Politically Incorrect
Honk honk faggots!
1695d · pol/ - Politically Incorrect
Craig Wright, please eat shit with a spoon! You are not Satoshi! "Craig Wright Threatens to Sue Those Saying He is not Satoshi"
replied 1719d
Why dont you hang yourself, you LARP'ing faggot. YOU are a useless pile of shit. No society needs you.
replied 1719d
No, you demented jew, I love capitalism! Porn is not capitalism. It's a cultural Marxist degeneracy designed by jews to destroy the west. 99% of porn producers are jews!
1719d · pol/ - Politically Incorrect
Hello future. Just so you know, Angela Merkel was (currently still is) a cunt and a traitor.
unfollowed topic US Politics/Trump 1719d
1719d · US Politics/Trump
For fuck sake LightRider, you silly pinko fuck, you are still here taking to yourself!? Get a life!
replied 1748d
Degenerate porn pedlar, fuck off!
1748d · What was the last great film you watched?
replied 1748d
Remove all foreign aid and western medicine from III world. Overpopulation problem solved. Everyone is happy. especially those III world countries.
1763d · pol/ - Politically Incorrect
Her we go! Finally some good news too: Bodycam Captures Militant #Antifa Shot In The Head By Cops After Pulling Gun.
replied 1785d
I use Linux since about 2013. Had its ups and downs but Linux is better than win 10 without a doubt. If win 7 support is stopped Linux will be a great safetynet.
replied 1785d
African negroes hunted (and stil are) other negroes for slaves. Whites stopped global s trade. BTW, jews owned most slave trade ships. Africa, M East - you can still buy and own slaves
replied 1788d
How can anyone take you seriously anymore?..
replied 1832d
Expecting this to bring massive amount of fresh money to #CryptoCurrency markets? Why?
Millions of sacks of imaginary coffee are sold and bough while real coffee is never delivered