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We implemented it on our site without any trouble :)
BTC is passed around like a cool toy rather than used the way it’s meant to be.
I can't see how anyone could argue Core didn't shift the roadmap to a *wished* LN, fully knowing it will fail, as a way to stunt on-chain scaling development, all for the final ends of moving the bulk of transactions
Thank you @BitcoinCashHoarder for your tip of 500,000 satoshis. The balance now is 0.30520646 BCH. We are collecting funds for the next stress day!
voted on poll No, the current layout is better. · 3 days ago
created poll · 4 days ago
Would you prefer a layout like this for TxStreet, as opposed to the current one?

I am going to be redoing the frontend once the new backend is done.
Yes! 4 votes · 8,323 satoshis
No, the current layout is better. 8 votes · 10,000 satoshis
I have another idea (leave comment) 0 votes · 0 satoshis

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posted · 3 days ago
Coinex launched many exciting pairs with USDC the best is BCH/USDC is now live, exclusively for Bitcoin Cash!
Go bet on your favorite sports team now! No signup!
posted · 4 days ago
Introducing : Explore what Bitcoin Cash is talking

Hello, we are exploring social media platforms that don't participate in censorship. This account is managed by staff. Please contact us for more information.
Roger Ver's Bitcoin weekly update show is out -
Supporters of lightning network intentionally crippled the world's best working and most popular crypto currency (Bitcoin).
Fair enough. In my opinion it’s best to take advantage of the “sale prices” and keep buying a bit every pay check while the prices are still low.
Adam Back is trying to create a closed loop centralized network of people using LBTC instead of BTC so he can rake in the profits. Create problem (small blocks) and provide solution (Liquid). Sounds like banking.
voted on poll 1 · 5 days ago
Vegard Wikeby
created poll · 5 days ago
The year is 2020. How many cryptocurrencies will have more than 100 billion market valuation?
1 4 votes · 0 satoshis
2 0 votes · 0 satoshis
3 1 votes · 0 satoshis
4 1 votes · 666 satoshis
5 0 votes · 0 satoshis
6 0 votes · 0 satoshis
7 1 votes · 343,434 satoshis
8 0 votes · 0 satoshis
9 0 votes · 0 satoshis
10+ 2 votes · 600 satoshis

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posted · 5 days ago in Memo App
Release 0.4! It isn't the full release but I am out of time before returning to work so I am releasing now! - Hashtags & mentions - Embedded content - Search topics, users &tags - MemoPay tool
posted · 5 days ago
Terrible experience with Circle alias USDC coin, I went to bank filled the info exactly how they say, in order to charge my account and get USDC...while I was doing so many questions.. so many signs, I felt so annoyed
That has been annonced. Will get monthly dividend in BCH
I haven't used windows in years. I miss out on some games, but there are plenty of good linux games.
replied to post by slb
· 7 days ago
Projects like this make me proud to use BCH!
Starting to think this guy is just trolling and he doesn't actually believe a word he says. Posterity will throw him in with ED and LightRider.
Taxes aren't voluntary. No one ever said they were. They are mandatory, you receive shit from the government that you didn't ask for and are expected to pay.
It’s voluntary because you can leave
In the late October, many parties are preparing