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replied 4h
I always thought fees are going to Satoshi Nakamoto's Swiss bank account. Isn't it?
replied 7h
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
replied 4h
haha thanks 😬✌🏼
replied 5h
omg... p0oker... conf=grat dear.. all the best ...
Congrats @p0oker, you won the 0.1 BCH "funniest comment" prize on the CoinParty flipstarter!

Drop me a BCH address here to receive it at, or let me know if I should send to Memo.
replied 9h
This whole thread doesn't make a sense. BCH obviously has very low fees and still someone is here complaining about fees. I don't think it's a legit concern even for the OP
replied 21h
You are, I don't consider the way you described the issue as just an opinion tho.
replied 21h
Paid for a specific roadmap which they are working on. Issues like this should be followed up on technical channels like gitlab or BCHN/BU slack. Otherwise it's just not constructive.
replied 1d
There's an attitude in his tone that I don't like. Developers working in BCH are volunteers, they are not getting salary for people to shout at them why things aren't done.
1d · Twitter
Ive noticed on twitter, it matters a lot more who is saying it, but on reddit/hn, it matters a lot more what is being said.
replied 1d
So are you willing to write the code or pay for this feature or you are just here bitching about a non issue without contributing anything?
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replied 3d
Scott, did you forget where you are? This isn’t a digital gold mining board or a padded bench where you can bend over for blockstream.
replied 3d
If you're buying Bitcoin now you're just an amateur who deserves to get rekt.
replied 4d
I sincerely hope:
You do realize this perfectly fits the
"BuyNow - ATH - peak tulipmania is a myth - Do not miss your final chance to ride this train to the moon"
kind of tweet
replied 5d
I've never seen that twitter warning before. It was so hard to find the small link that would allow me to visit anyway! They are really trying
replied 5d
Of course, it's 2020!
You can't have qualified scientist openly discussing their field of expertise without government approval.
How would people know what their supposed to think!?
replied 5d
How can I resist?
This video is banned in YouTube and Twitter tried its best to convince me not to open it:

replied 6d
babs is the new bcash
replied 6d
Hahaha was it? I think it was before DeFi change my mind. I just think if you can't compete with that you will be removed. People put their money were highest utility is.
replied 7d
| was 'It's a distraction, Ethereum is way a head in that '.
replied 6d
But we are gonna always call it BAB anyway
So it’s BCHA, not BAB? Shame, babs is slang for boobs. They could have run with that. Make it a meme coin, keep it fun.
Hodl my BABs.
Fork my BABs.
BABs to the m(.)(.)n.
...You get the idea.