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809d · test
Something to think about....

Binance got some USA regulation problems...
FTX is gaining more users and volume everyday...
FTX got backing of SBF Alameda...
This yellow shitter refuses 2leave my shoulder. He is obsessive like that from this morning. He either sits there on one foot, walks on me or just naps. Should I start freaking out?
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Or a rainbow table. We need memo.cash to confirm if there's a dump or not
replied 838d
... or maybe people have been re-using passwords, and someone is checking all the memo logins against a dump
replied 838d
Only a few accounts are drained? Maybe it's not memo and another platform which users imported their keys?
replied 839d
Are you storing private keys unencrypted in your db?
841d · flipstarter
I pledged 0.11 BCH to the BitPal Flipstarter campaign: https://flipstarter.bitpal.dev/
replied 842d
It's my 11th anniversary, so I Do care
replied 843d
Contract validated tokens are really useful in many scenarios. I was thinking about it as a layer 2 solution for SLP, since in that case it canbe fully democrstized and turing complete
replied 843d
I mean that currently it's just not realistic. But given some flavors of upgrade, a lot is possible. E.g. Jason aims specifically for PMs with inductive proofs. (link follows)
replied 844d
Very interesting area to explore. By future BCH scripting system you mean something other than Bitcoin Script?
Currently reading up on prediction markets. Please tell me the weaknesses of prediction markets built on a future BCH scripting system that supports them in a scalable way.
There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread or Bitcoin Cash! #Venezuela
minted 10,000 Boom tokens 886d
I keep having the same awesome idea, and then I forget what it was lol..
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merry Christmas sir uther my friend i wish you will notice me at this time this is my cute christmas tree
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With our little Coco
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replied 898d
Just made this for you bro..hope you like my diy xmas tree..

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I don't have a Christmas tree this year, can't afford one. But, I helped an elderly neighbor put up her decorations.

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me and my Christmas tree 💗
On January 3th I'm helping the Dutch Libertarian Party with heir live stream. Roger Ver is joining and also people from Dash, EOS, RNEW and E-gulden. Some others are still in in negotiation
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Member Is The Real Deal For Free Speech. This 90 Second Explainer Video Explains Why.