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So much accuracy
Clearly this is what the future will be in 2022.

“Life in 2022” By Walter Molino in 1962
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Defamation is utter hoax.
The mental trap of believing in 'defamation' is a "gateway drug"
to believing in Blasphemy, Heresy, and Divine Right.
It is a concept created by thugs.
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"You don't own your reputation." - Walter Block
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I disagree, we don't have multiple types of freedom. It's binary, either we are free or not.
If you are fighting for the freedom of the people who don't want to be free... Does that make you the enemy?
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It's the ABC side who is constantly complaining and insulting people. Even if I agreed with the IFP (I don't) I wouldn't want to be associated with them. They behave like children.
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Great to know, hope we see good adoption in member soon
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Yes, I am an active member of member.
14d · flipstarter
Wow! Huge thanks to @georgengelmann who almost single-handedly completed the flipstarter.member.cash. Terrific to see such support from Georg, especially because he is an active member of the platform.
BCHN does not have any "Lead Developer".

It has developers & maintainers - and a "Lead Maintainer".
I'm currently that Lead Maintainer. Apart from that position we're a very non-hierarchical open source organization.
Mr Vermorel picks out two merge commits (!) from BCHN's GitLab version control history to demonstrate that he does not understand how merge commit history works in GitLab.

He is right about one thing.
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with BCHN the leading full node dev is available via memo/member!
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You know people outside US also can hold BCH!
The Mayans were dyslexic, it was supposed to be “2021”
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Ikr 😂
In the name of all that is good and true please stop with the cringeworthingly awful Bitsheviks memes. We surrender, we’ll accept 90% IFP, *anything* you ask. Please, just no more shit memes.
member.cash can support Freedom of Speech because it supports Freedom of Attention. A public platform needs both.
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Are they accepting pull requests? I'd like to 'upgrade' this address to a new one. To my address!
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Love how there was an entire 4 minutes from the time it was created until it was committed.