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“Divide and rule, the politician cries; Unite and lead, is watchword of the wise.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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the new Korean script was used primarily by women and the undereducated. It faced heavy opposition from Confucian scholars educated in Chinese [...] who believed hanja to be the only legitimate writing system
In the early days we imagined how Bitcoin will improve the world. Very few considered that as Bitcoin is a technology that reinvents money, it will expose a lot of shit from around the whole world.
C'mon folks, anybody interested in launching alternative Memo implementation utilising BlockPress codebase? Angular 5 and Ruby on Rails. Get in touch with me, it's perfect time now :)
A proposal for a decentralized social network layer capable of storing rich media https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/9y6isz/a_proposal_for_a_decentralized_social_network
Bitcoin is fucking awesome, op_return is fucking awesome, bitDB is fucking awesome, memo is fucking awesome, webtorrent is fucking awesome. I am in ecstasies over all these. We will rock the world.
Anyone experienced in Angular 5 / Ruby on Rails, wanna join some fascinating open source project? You know what I mean. Drop me a massage wanzou[a......t]pm.me
Imagine journalists 30 (300?) years from now digging blockchain to uncover us discussing the upcoming hashwar that precedes the epic iceberg flippening.
The more I fantasize about Memo as a global social network the more I think 0x6d won’t be a definitive code of the protocol. More like the first byte that defines a thematic branch.
In the rainbow 🌈 my wife and me
“This isnt a currency its twitter 2.0” Anonymous in reply to “Untraceable transactions which can contain a secure message are inevitable” by ByteCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5965.0 May 04, 2011
This music video and the song itself are going to be a worldwide hit soon. You can help this video to go viral! (Please don’t tip, I have nothing to do with it)
1mil sounds like another good denomination. 1mil == 1mBTC. It’s not milli-btc though, it’s million satoshis.
It’s very inefficient to use regular outputs to embed data into blockchain. Those utxo’s become forever unspendable.
BitcoinIsP2PC4$H >Did you ever see the password generator embedded in the input scripts of tx -> wtf do you mean? those are completely noraml ScriptSigs
The actual messaging will still be off-chain though, if we consider this protocol as viable.
Good idea. You can associate another public key with your account and make an announcement that you only use this key for encrypted communications.
By the way, this protocol is a simplification of BIP47 by Justus Ranvier that's adopted to messaging https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0047.mediawiki
>>if you want to do secure communications *onchain* >> the communication is off-chain. only initial signaling is on-chain.
Anyway, it is better than plain text emails...
Ok, then just do not use implementations of such a protocol - if it will ever be implemented - that rely on insecurely hosted keys.
-> where actual message encryption is done using symmetric keys
>The problem with symmetric encryption is that both parties are a security vulnerability -> every modern widely deployed scheme of encrypted communications is a hybrid encryption