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The one and only. There should not be a need to live in dependence of other, decentralize yourself.

All words are my own. I accept critics and tips. Don't be a jerk, or be I don't care neither should you.


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10d 600% APY Never pulled RUG IN 2 YEARS, There is an opportunity for everyone!
19d 1000% APY, NO LOCKED FUNDS holy shit this is the DeFi revolution, don't trust the admins? just withdraw and get -0.5 %apy at chase's
The great thing about art is that everyone is an artist and that is the amazing part about it. Don't be afraid to show yourself, we are all unique so should your style! Peace love and paint!
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Is eth mining still a viable endeavor?
Gotta stop being such a bitch and start making me feel unconfortable, no other way to grow!
On the day the birds stop chipering, I lose half of me.
Every goal has it's path. Start the jorney now and see the light get closer.
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Credit card UX sucks. Having to dox yourself to transact sucks. Entering digits sucks. Declined authorization sucks. Phoning CS sucks. Data breaches suck. Skimming 2% sucks.

Crypto UX is already better.
that chart about bch dominance beign at it's lowest is pushing me not to get any bch. I'm reconsidering
Back in the days I had a lot of BCH but never saw the vision go very far expecially when other coins came out and did all the things BCH say it did and more. Has it changed in the mean time? I can re-love again guys..
Crypto space is so fast pace you literraly have to research 12 hours a day to keep track, then you will make mad cash. On the other hand you could just hodl one of the main coins and still make mad cash.
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I've seen the app but doesnt bring a new UI and mobile focus. I find it very close to style
I love, is there a better website that integrates it? or an app? thanks
Small exchanges will start claiming they got hacked when they start defaulting on their loans,do your research and be the one in control of your coins
I don't see the point in centralized exchanges anymore, sure I take binance as worked towards decentralization but other will start to fade out. DON'T HOLD YOUR CRIPTO IN A EXCHANGE.
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Wake me up in 9 months when etherereum is 1400$ and bitcoin is 26000$