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Thanks for posting :)!
Be the most honest version of yourself:

If people don't like it, at least they can shove off quickly and not waste your time ^_^ #BCHpls!
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We need to remind normal people we are a bunch of cryptonerds just sitting on lil bits of magical internet money to give people. Strangers are often amazed cos its not the norm.
The biggest complaint I've gotten so far is "Why would i pay to use social media?" We need a faucet for early users to start out with. Right now you can't make a post without any BCH.
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How do i embedd a pic ToT. Noone coming ovee till they can embed pics. I think it needs memo enchancement suite right now?
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Geeesssss. Yeah new 4chan here we go! BCHchan: Come for the freedom, stay for the memes?
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I would love that, but someone needs to give Memo a makeover to make it millenial friendly before the Kims & Kanyes and Instagirls and celebs come to the yard.
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The could be a competition somehow, best new account by best content wins some kinda prize in BCH.
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So maybe we should recruit someone. Kanye?😜Gotta be somebody inventive enough. Sell it as "Don't you want to be the first celebrity cypherpunk to buck the establishment?"
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I should have written that better: Even with the unbelievable amount of censorship and shadowbanning, socially, many people have incentive to still use it.
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Think about why you use Twitter: I don't go there to hang out only with people I already know, right? I go there to discuss and learn, with people outside my sphere too.
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Even with shitty Twitter censoring users, we need to gather more than BCH users here to form a rich, diverse reading landscape, to communicate to a wider range of people.
As much as I love Bitcoin Cashers, we really need incentives for the mainstream to adopt tech like Memo, so that it's not just a BCH-ingroup. Pay-to-post is still a hard sell when other platforms are free.
Think of what you really want to do in life, then think of practical ways to achieve it, break it down. Give yourself rest sometimes. Balance all your needs.
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I see him on Twitter all the time... You should punish him for being naughty and lying to people there recently :P! You should be in his life more!
Damn right @modulus, #BCHplz ;). 50 days late Miranda, but welcome to Memo :D!
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Laura leaves no stoner unturned with #LiquidMarijuana :)

If you spot a Core cultist troll on memo, pls let me know. I need a specimen for research purposes.

@Miranda @Reina Nakamoto would like a word. Haha.
I still have trouble seeing variety of users in my follower feed. I think it goes by time rather than alternating people. Can i pick my algo?
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Yes! Metric system included.
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Memo is slick now. Such impress! Very mobile.