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replied 577d
The world makes a lot of sense when you realize most people still behave like children.
replied 604d
The surest way to know people dont want to go to USA (or any country) for welfare is to get rid of welfare. There are other positive externalities to living in developed coutries tho.
578d · Patent Claims
I don't understand too much about patents, but if you post in memo about a idea, don't you risk to be patented by someone else before than you? Maybe you could publish the hash of the idea...
Today is stress test day! Every time someone likes this post at least one more post will be sent depending on the tip amount. Happy stress test day everyone! I hope this is not too annoying , it is just for today 24h.
655d · global warming
Obviously a new contributer to global warming is the steam blowing out of LightRider's ears when they hear about people being properly rewarded for contributing more to society than them.
656d · The-One-Law
Harm is four-letter word which dictionaries fail to comprehend
replied 665d
Welcome to the H.onesty O.rganization P.lanet E.arth.
Extending H.O.P.E one memo at a time to those whose fear of being discovered in mistake needs a reality check.
666d · Work
Listed on the site but respondents must to be registered, and the job entry never dies. Oh well
667d · Work
For offering jobs/projects/work/contracts for time+effort+resources transactions. Link from here to a transient website entry so it can be appropriately revised/deleted/updated/etc.
669d · Capitalism
In any case, I have to get back to work. People are depending on me to provide for them and it feels good to be productive and needed! 😊
replied 670d
That depiction of leftist fantasy world is even worse than the right wing version: So much ridiculous dehumanization on both sides.
677d · Blockstream Memes and Dumb Quotes
677d · The-One-Law
The One Law is a useful tool to identify Authoritarians with agendas against Freedom. Merely ask if The One Law is crazy: Authoritarians will always answer "YES"
678d · Capitalism
Socialists and rocks probably have a very similar level of consciousness. Start investigating there.
679d · Capitalism
The most effective unions will always be in the professions with the highest skill, high barriers to entries and already high market wages, but it is understood (mistakenly) that is the opposite
replied 679d
Try sending your coins to LocalBitcoins or any gambling site. Coinbase will ban your account for TOS violations. They watch your money, after it leaves their exchange.
681d · money
Separation of currency and state should be one of our goals.
681d · Capitalism
How many people here are Libertarian/Libertarian-leaning?
replied 681d
That may have been true in the past. We now have better tools to support a free market in the absence of government. Obviously such a system will not be realized overnight.
replied 681d
Pure hysteria. You are talking about what you think capitalism might do versus what socialism did do. Draw up a step-by-step scenario where capitalism kills the earth if you can.
681d · Capitalism
Nobody is entitled to a certain wage, regardless of how hard they work. People who cannot support themselves without handouts should learn to live with less.
681d · Capitalism
The stupid often dig themselves into financial holes due to a series of bad decisions. Their behavior should be shunned and contained lest it destroy what our fathers built with their own sweat.
681d · Capitalism
My point is that anyone can complain that a wage isn't livable. The criteria are entirely arbitrary. Some people make do and invest in themselves and others whine while making more bad decisions
681d · Capitalism
I'll tell you how I kept my head above water: I swam harder. I pared down my expenses and lived a thrifty but still very pleasant lifestyle. I ate better than the kings of old on poverty wages.