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replied · 549d
Magnets are overburdened by a uri convention. I believe we can propose a better way to store infohash and other metadata in op_return, that’s native to our environment.
replied · 549d
Good idea. As an old programmer I appreciate conserving resources like storage, which has become something of a lost art.
replied · 552d
Working on it. 🛠️
replied · 555d
That is one expensive restaurant.
replied · 554d
I spend big. Spend and replace more 😎
replied · 555d
I sit here for like 5 mins in shock of the prices
· 555d

Paying NYC restaurant bill with BCH
· 557d
If someone launched a crypto now that works just like how BTC works today people would say "that's not bitcoin" but if it worked just like how BCH works today people would say "that's exactly like bitcoin".
· 561d
@memo feature maybe we can have a reputation system based on the amount a person has earned in tips? They can have an icon next to their name based on their “tier” from the tips they’ve earned.
replied · 561d
1) They would have to spend a lot of money and 2) they would have to overwhelm the volume of normal users. That means there would need to be more scammers than legit users to game.
replied · 563d
"Our market dominance is still above 30 percent" would make this picture funnier AND more accurate!
Bruce Lee
· 570d
@memo when can you implement
217 bytes are not enough when we want to write something valuable
· 572d · memo
Relogging shouldn't have any effect. As long as you don't make any transactions using the same inputs (e.g. with an external wallet), your past messages will remain in the mempool.
· 572d · memo
You have to wait until they're mined. Part of the problem is that until those are mined any subsequent transactions using the outputs will also have to wait.
· 572d · memo
Almost all explorers don't show mempool transactions with less than 1 sat/b
· 572d · memo
I've talked to and they're going to add support for this soon
· 572d · memo
One of the mining pools was mining them before the upgrade, I've contacted them and they are going to start mining them again soon.
· 584d
BlockPress onchain tx data chart is added to
replied · 583d
Would be awesome to add tx!!!
· 585d
@memo, why the protocol prefix 0x6d0a, 0x6d0b, 0x6d0c ... are missing ?
· 573d
Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Milestone Complete: 32MB and New Features
· 573d · 비트코인 캐쉬
· 572d
Today I need to put some plants into bigger pots, I can't help but associate this with the block size increase upgrade. Think I'm going crazy, send help!
replied · 574d
Sk8eM dUb
it's called