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replied 12h
there are many pigeons here taken care of by papa🐦
replied 12h
its look nice and friendly robot bird
replied 12h
what is that sir robot bird?
replied 12h
Please notice me sirr 😭 i hope can i buy food and medicine
replied 12h
i know you is the one can 🙏
replied 12h
please help me even in small amount to have some food and my medicine too
replied 12h
because mama also doesn't have the money to buy my medicine as well as when we eat we don't have rice and I hope you can help us🙏
replied 12h
I have a fever for three days and I can't take medicine because I have nothing to buy
replied 12h
Hope you help me sir ❤
replied 12h
hello hope you help me now to buy some food and my medicine also because i have sick today 😢
replied 12h
thankyosomuch in advance
replied 12h
hope you help me sir
replied 12h
Hello can you help me now to buy some food🙏
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Do you think you are a robot?
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replied 5d
Hello sir good morning please help me to buy our food today 😣 or buy my sour token
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created poll 6d
Does the edge of the Universe exist?
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No 2 votes · 555 satoshis
Maybe 3 votes · 0 satoshis
Not Sure 10 votes · 5,555 satoshis
I don't want to think about the edge of the Universe. 0 votes · 0 satoshis


Buy my list sour token memo fam 😞
sent 50 SOUR to 20d
listed 50 SOUR for 1,200,000 satoshis (24,000 each) 20d

replied 21d
Good night sir
replied 21d
Thankyousomuch sir
replied 21d
sir i already post it yesterday 😔
replied 21d
SIR this is my post yesterday 19h please notice me with my seed post
replied 21d
this is my okra seeds
replied 21d
sir this is my post yesterday 19h hope you notice me 😔 pleaseee