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Political scientist, developer, tester. BCH and QAnon support me in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Were We Go One We Go All.


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Come on cry baby, don't you have better arguments? Like facts debunking my claim.
Only 4395 satohis left: I have to refill :D
In general federal workers are the economic problem. They're leeches sucking tax payer's money.
Federal workers are lazy ass rats.
If you research Qanon with any logic and common sense you will know its real. Q has stated this video exists. Its Hillary and Huma mollesting and killing a young girl. Sick but real.
So Hillary did a great job as a lawyer by getting a man she knew was guilty of raping a girl found innocent, that is what lawyers do no fault there at all.
LightRider, is it your front hole or is it your back hole that's still hurting because of losing the election? Probably both. Please, fuck off back to Reddit echo chambers and hug boxes
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Stress_tester_0207, I expected divided by 21. Thanks bro, but you were far too generous (concerning to me). Have a nice day and keep making others happy ;)
21000 tip to first 21 replies - Go!
21000 tip to first 21 replies - Go!
Hi Roger! Don't you also think this is the most sympathetic crypto community. Forget all the BS for a while. I just love this what's happening today.
Last year BTC could only process a single transaction for $50.
Today BCH is processing 35,000 transactions for $50.
wut wut?
People can talk all they want,
do private testnet experiments

REAL WORLD results are what count.
Guys, I am gonna pull the trigger
What up with those herds lining up in front of expensive orange buses? Available space is worse than Ryanair. I'm gonna pick a window seat and stretch my legs, have a little nap. Happy these herds arent my accountant.
More than 35K transactions ready to be fired.
Pump up the volume, Pump up the volume, Rock that Beat.
BCH tx volume going INTERGALATIC
Another dimension Another dimension
BCH testers come one
BCH stresstest. I'll steal / use the phrase for this one time: Fired up, ready to go.
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*Ding dong ding* Message for travellers at BTC terminal, message for travellers at BTC terminal. Please keep your bags on your lap or shove them at the appropriate places to keep others seats free. Blockstream thx U.
lol. Same minds WildCard. I am figuring out atm how to screen record all of this. Watching https://txstreet.com/ , https://jochen-hoenicke.de/ etc.