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Which logos do you like best for an AI & data analytics conference?

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Do polls support images?
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I did$derekm to make my HandCash handle more usable. The site gives your address QR code & URI. QR code is address-only. Should I change QR to a URI to have "?label=$derekm"?
For some reason you gotta click to turn on 0-1 in the BSV graph. Check the legend and click on 0-1!
it would seem to me that the developers are flagging feature set completion targets in development & release cycles with these changes in tx metrics
It looks like there have been three or more sets of test tx's that have been injected, got stuck and then were cleared since about Nov. 26th.
Maybe the graph has bugs calculating the total in its pop-over, but it shows 1,374 total tx down to 2 total tx...
I think the graph isn't showing tx's below 1? Notice the total count in the graph's pop-over, not the count it displays in the line graph.
It was like 1,000 obvious test transactions, and the tester has now cleared them. If I cared I could probably do the same on BCH.
These don't seem like problems. They seem like someone's metrics... Maybe the dust limit & fee limit changes are being tested with tx's installed months ago.
Things like this show tests you and I don't immediately understand or recognize. Why did these tx's get stuck & why did they get cleared & why are they identical to the tx's from the 65MB block?
In other words: The cleared tx's are identical to the ones in the supposed 65MB block.
There was yesterday, like I said before you did, it had unadvertised tx's. But obviously some of these txs (about 1,000) got advertised and cleared today. Why r u stuck shilling a cult modality?
The stuck tx's that cleared today started clearing here: look like they're from 65 MB block
At the time of the fork during a real stress test, BSV was much more efficient than ABC at producing large blocks & clearing the mempool. I'm curious about the lingering tx's that cleared today!
I heard the 65 MB block had unadvertised tx's with very low fees, so maybe those were tx's that had been forgotten / not-relayed by most miners? How fitting for to remember them all.
BSV was the most efficient at clearing its mempool in the stress test during the split. Cleared its mempool just now? The 65 MB block cleared tx's that other miners wouldn't mine or had dropped?
I made this for SV: ... it also works with ABC. I choose BCH{ABC,SV}. I choose B{TC,CH,SV}.
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If you wanted to receive more payments via cryptocurrencies, do you think it would help if you had a way to offer transaction fee refunds?
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The reduced volatility of BSV is nice to see!
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Would you use a recipient address wallet name service that is compatible across BTC, BCH & BSV? For example$derekm — usable across chains by restoring a HandCash wallet into a BRD wallet.
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