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My name is Steven Green and I'm an abductee. Into crypto, mainly BCH & ZEC. Software developer & garage DJ. I wouldn't say I have a drug problem. It's like I've not a problem with drugs whatsoever, I'll try anything.


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RIP, Tim May. Visionary. Liberator. Smart Guy.
Hello Memos. The CashShuffle site is now available in Japanese and soon other languages.

Bitcoin Cash is for everyone. Privacy is for everyone.
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The quality of buttcoiners didn't improve over the years...

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The new wolfenstein game will support co-op ^_^
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I have created a small website where you can guess BTC fees. I invite you to guess bittcoinfees on
Good luck!
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I remain excited by BCH due to all the new stuff that keeps popping up week after week. Do other coins have this kind of activity and I'm just not aware since I'm not part of the community? #dailymemo