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Very very confused. Coinex says my BCH is BCHABC. Then where is my BCH? Who told them to turn into BCHABC ? Polionex has 3 coins: bch, abc and sv. SV is winning the hash war but it has small value compared to abc.
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not true, after snaposhot, I sold my BCH and I think It was quite cool actually... I got 1000 USD and then in few days I will have my BCHSV as well
560d · BCH Q&A
after the snapshot if i sell my bch will i get still.bchsv when it is right time?
replied 560d
on coinex was done
did they take the snapshot? i am confused.. is it better to sell all bch after snapshot?
replied 560d
on Coinex BCH / USDC
what a day... btc/bch reached 1/17 ! BCH low as 270$ ! I got to play 5 ETH in time and got more BCH and now can play back to the ETH with good profit. Is the war over? 😂
I am not sure.. just asking... after tomorrow there will not be anymore BCH ? WIll we only have BSV and BCHABC ?
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I just found Cent and I have to say it is so much better... you can type as much as you want, topics are various, people are not busy fighting factions.. I am tired of factions.
Memo is too much about crypto, it is not fun reading here anymore
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Predator: a person (or a side) that claims exuberant information that are aiming at eating social consensus, without feeling any embarrassment for the lies spread. A charlatan
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well, we are all different, but I think he did an amazing job
Great video thanks to Rick to speak so clearly
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so... I feel to buy 10 ETH today 😁
replied 565d
All token built on ETH, many stable coins, big bet of financial companies.. on ETH. Price is still at 200$ and I guess when Ethereum Serenity will be out... it won't be 200$ for long
today I have a feeling... Bitcoin Cash community so far is very very noisy.. btc vs bch, Craig versus everyone... network effect but also bad "Bitcoin" image. Then you have Ethereum.. very quiet building... silent
just checked "Cent" a dapp social network that I feel might even be better than Memo.
what is the best thing to do before BCH hard fork and during the fork?
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Bitcoin Faucet
so? this is childish
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Sk8eM dUb
honestly it looks like going to 700$ soon... the growth is huge and sudden
Really great conversation
Bitcoin Cash moving up 600$
Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system instead of credit cards that were designed in the 1950s.
Here is my invite link:
any news for the november fork ?
Wow... what a man