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replied · 340d
Why do you think we are splitting? Who is not willing to even talk to the community, much less compromise on certain upgrades... It's CSW. He is a fucking psychopath.
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Stress test date has been moved to 27Nov 12:00UTC game is 24million transactions in 24hrs site is still being constructed
replied · 365d
Don’t forget to supplement creatine and b12
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replied · 388d
Just signed up :)
· 388d
A flippening we will go, a flippening we will go,
Heigh ho, the dairy-o, a flippening we will go
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replied · 403d
Well Said!!
replied · 406d
Yep. That is why BTC has so much volume. It would be interesting to see what the actual trade volume is just for BTC(Excluding in and out of alt coins).
replied · 406d
I used to meditate a lot. I would like to do it more again. It is really great for metal health.
replied · 411d
I felt Blockstream spit on our face. How could anyone turn around and mine their coin?
· 412d
New record, 21,354,763 kb. lol !!!
· 412d
That bang???
A very big block :)


rocking the cryptospace like a BCH

· 412d
"95k Transactions in one block!!!!"

Hello Visa
Hello Mastercard
Hello Amazon
Hello Alibaba

there's a new way to pay
#TheNewMoney is

replied · 412d
Excellent video, thanks @framore
· 413d · Coinex
I still trust in Coinex, but don't like how they're handling Nov hard fork.
· 414d
If I were to open a coffee shop, I would call it BCH.. Bitcoin Coffee House. But unfortunately I can't. Someone else can run with it.
replied · 414d
A few minutes ago on TX Highway there wasn't any space that wasn't a car. That was crazy.
· 414d
They say that September 1st 2018 Bitcoin Cash Stress Test could be felt and heard from the summit of Mount Everest.
· 414d
I love the smell of a stress test in the California evening air
· 414d
I was thinking with my coffee supplier to make a coffee bag with the design of BCH and call it Bitcoin Cash coffee... i guess if you will buy it.
a delicious italian coffee that can be bought only throw BCH
replied · 440d
He makes excellent video's.
replied · 453d
BTC is a curse. You put it in your portfolio and instantly a parallel universe opens up and we lose framore in this one.. don't do it... :)
· 457d · Capitalism
Also how to never piss off lazy French Professors... only class I ever failed. the French ..
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