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Bitcoin SV trading resumed now on Coinex... this joke costed me 1 k usd
and lastly Ryan Charles is the only one on Bitcoin community who I respect and he made a choice.
and at least nobody can call Bitcoin SV Bcash 😂
vip cancelled, unlocked all my cet and tomorrow last trading day in coinex
i am done with Coinex.. and maybe even with BCH. It is all a stupid game with no responsability
what happen on coinex you cannot trade BCHSV anymore?
i am realizing something... BSV is same as BCH and 1/4 of the value. And open to 128 mb scale ... maybe we will see something surprise here. Money Button is already on the BSV side. Hash power is now more on BSV...
how to get forked BSV???
how can I get BCHSV from my ledger?
I want sell before it goes to zero
1 BTC is 20 BCH on Coinex.
The whole hard fork and hysterical mood in Bitcoin, as result made me liking more Ethereum.
Very very confused. Coinex says my BCH is BCHABC. Then where is my BCH? Who told them to turn into BCHABC ? Polionex has 3 coins: bch, abc and sv. SV is winning the hash war but it has small value compared to abc.
after the snapshot if i sell my bch will i get still.bchsv when it is right time?
did they take the snapshot? i am confused.. is it better to sell all bch after snapshot?
what a day... btc/bch reached 1/17 ! BCH low as 270$ ! I got to play 5 ETH in time and got more BCH and now can play back to the ETH with good profit. Is the war over? 😂
I am not sure.. just asking... after tomorrow there will not be anymore BCH ? WIll we only have BSV and BCHABC ?
Memo is too much about crypto, it is not fun reading here anymore
Great video thanks to Rick to speak so clearly
today I have a feeling... Bitcoin Cash community so far is very very noisy.. btc vs bch, Craig versus everyone... network effect but also bad "Bitcoin" image. Then you have Ethereum.. very quiet building... silent
just checked "Cent" a dapp social network that I feel might even be better than Memo.
what is the best thing to do before BCH hard fork and during the fork?
Really great conversation
Bitcoin Cash moving up 600$