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Chris used 100 in the article just as an example.
What? BSV only achived 10MB per 10 minutes. That is not 'has scaled'! More like 'failed to scale'.
Using Avalanche for Pre-Consensus on Nakamoto Consensus Protocols -
From Snowflake to Avalanche -
My Electron-Cash wallet did not detect that.
@Snugg: most are stress transactions, fan out, 1 input 180 outputs, then fan in. https://blockchair.com/bitcoin-cash/transactions?q=block_id%28546506%29&s=output_count%28desc%29#
We won't. It seems the mempool admition rate of the network is limited to 3MB per 10 minutes. 2hours without a block, then maybe mempool would grow >32MB
>Should see a 32MB block soon.
Bitcoin Unlimited client, new release, v1.4.0.0, https://www.bitcoinunlimited.info/download
two weeks
Graphene and LN are not in the same category. LN is a payment network atop of BTC. Graphene is a block propagation protocol. There is nothing to compare.
Oh, you idealistic kids. grow up.
Actually, your example make the case against 0-conf.
No, it doesn't.
They will support BCH short to medium term only, until they have full support for their token. Then, bye!
relying on 0-conf for any meaningful tansaction is a problem. You will not get this to be adopted at large as a payment system.
@ CryptoAnarchist: ooh, both are the problems. And tell me, where is Amaury's code to solve this? He has some ideas, and he is free to work on them.You can not forbid.
Amaury's change was bigger block limit. What other changes is he introducing, please do tell me?
I can say the same about CSW!
It can not grow +15% every two weeks forever. You are getting wild fluctuation, b/c 2 weeks data fluctuates. Base the estimate on 3 months data.
because the estimates are calculated from a short time-frame sample, and assumes, that this short-time trend will not change ever.