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Twitter banned again because the little snowflakes of #Faketoshi can't bear criticism...
It's economical.
Not just detect, but resolve them in a second.
This. Miners are incentivized to provide an useful service that leads to mass adoption. WIthout pre-consensus, detecting DS via miner bribing is near impossible.
Just as I imagined - you have no idea what are you talking about.
A store has to issue a receipt, so every sale is taxable. There is no escaping on this for stores.
Explain why slow down?
ABC already has the best scaling. It is why I choose BCH. It has the best on chain scaling potential.
WtFnZb - Beta starting today :)

We are offering you to see the beta here -

The upcoming registering window will be today and following days without any invite, just register and thats it!
BCH Instant Payments on Avalanche, Forks and More With Amaury Sechet
Read about Avalanche, so you know what are you posting.
This is known for several months.
Read about Avalanche, so you understand what's it's about.
These responses themselves show how absurd BSV is, or at least its community.
The idea of preparing for trusted users on Mars is plain stupid. By the time a Mars colony had a currency it could easily have it's own blockchain.
Yeah, BSV scaling is irrelevant since they wont fix scaling bottlenecks.
BSV can't propage a 64mb in <1hr so don't get your hopes up. CSW is con man. "No Split" indeed.
Yikes. Trump even more off the rails than usual this week. This dude is good for nothing but petty fits of nonsense. What a shame.
Satoshi never envisioned a permissioned system you twat.
Apparently it's the shortest day. Wish someone would tell the boss.
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Fast sync mode from bchd is a killer!!
The hash war did some damage to BCH. However the fraud CSW was removed, so it will probably be worth it in the end.
The dip was unsustainable.