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Between liking, commenting and posting on memo, I feel like I make at least 50 “micro transactions” everyday on BCH
So f*cking cool
Love you BCHs
Super fun “Toonie sized” Micro Realistic Eye Tattoo that I did today 😎

Memo is my favourite way of using Bitcoin Cash everyday :D
I hope Jimmy Nguyen jumps the BSV ship and starts promoting for BCH. He is a very charismatic speaker and would be an excellent asset to the BCH community for encouraging merchant adoption and and BCH awareness
I wonder how long before Ryan X Charles comes back to BCH from the BSV. Anyone know if he has said anything about the mass delisting yet?
Any thoughts from the BSV advocates out there? Just curious how your feeling about all the delisting happening? Has this changed or strengthened your view on BSV and/or CW? Honest question not putting down BSV peeps
Bitcoin Cash is now worth $902.75 on Coin Fair Value 😎👌🏻😎👌🏻😎👌🏻😎👌🏻
After the most recent BCH pump there was an increase of btc maximalists who have come out of the echo chamber claiming to finally understand BCH superiority. This will be a growing trend with each pump cycle #Winning
Upvote this post in r/bitcoin it is telling people to use Bitcoin Cash for low fees :)
You give 1 person has a great experience then they will tell 1 person about it. You give 1 person a shitty experience they will tell everyone they come into contact with. User experience is everything!
Wow! The current next block transaction fees for btc are $2.01 😱

lolololol #BCHWinning
Coin Fair Value is now showing Bitcoin Cash is worth $618.74 😎😎😎

Lance Morginn, cofounder, chief executive officer director of digital currency "From my perspective, it looks like the traders have hopped on to BCH given its greater momentum, as they can leverage BCH more than BTC."
Peter Rizun is on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 hahaha!

Peter Rizun on twitter talking up BCH 😎 be sure to stop by and show some BCH support! #BCHWinning


What are btc fees doing today with this massive pump? Btc fees to the moon yet?
WOW! BCH is pumping hard! Up 62% today!
Here is the close up of the Custom Michael Keaton Half Sleeve I did.
What do you guys think?

This is a Custom Michael Keaton Batman Portrait Cover Up that I did awhile ago. Still one of my favourite cover ups that I’ve done :)

This is a Custom Michael Keaton Batman Portrait Cover Up that I did awhile ago. Still one of my favourite cover ups I’ve done :)
This is a Realistic Eye Study that I just finished, I’m pretty happy with it but as the saying goes “Art is never completed, it’s only abandoned.”

Is Memo down? I don’t see anything in the feed ☹️