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replied · 16d
That would be a lot of fun.
Telling me to tell grown man twice my age not to use gasoline to start a fire. It’s the same thing for me to tell a grown adult to wash hands after shitting. Both are common sense.
You seem to be focusing on my action as if I did some horrible thing, video taping a grown mans stupidity. Perhaps you shouldn’t “re-act to my actions” with a superiority complex
It would be the same if I scolded a grown adult in a public washroom for not washing their hands after using the toilet. It’s not my place or responsibility.
Even if I didn’t video tape him pour gasoline on his campfire, I still wouldn’t have went and told a 40 year old why that was a bad idea. Just silly.
Some things are just common sense and when your in your 40s being told by someone in their 20s why pouring gasoline on a fire is a bad idea. :/
I mean it’s just silly; not my place.
Im not responsible for the actions of a grown man who is twice my age. That’s just completely unreasonable. Like telling an overweight grown man to eat more healthy. Not my place.
replied · 30d
Come to Venezuela!!! Happy people are very welcome and I feel so home here!!
So turns out my bitchy coworker that I found out didn’t like me because I am too happy, just got fired from the shop 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lmfao that makes me even more happy 😆
replied · 31d
Lol god that's awful
Lmao! Yeah that’s what makes it funny 😂🤣😂🤣
Shower-thought: Editing comments/posts on memo could be implemented relatively easily.

Need a new "edit" action, and the front-end could display the latest version while having the older ones still on the blockchain.
Gettin to that "quiet almost too quiet" phase of the market

Dad Joke Answer...

“Because they don’t have any arms to swing” 😂🤣
Who is in the mood for a Dad joke?
Ok! Here goes...

“Why do birds bob their heads when they walk?”
· 31d
Please share this tweet, if you are on Twitter. Thanks!

replied · 32d
Living in the #now has kept me alive through adversity.
Damn right my friend. Learning to let go of the past and not obsess over the future is a skill that should be taught in school. Instead our minds run on autopilot
What an emotionally draining day today! Super exhausted from being slapped in the face with a tsunami of drama 😣 feels damn good to be at home with my wife and fur babies. Tomorrow will be a better day 💜
*Cheers* to drunk you btw 🍻😉
Yeah I saw it within the first week. Some people have big walls around them and are cold to new people. 3 months was my limit. She is now a ghost to me that I don’t acknowledge.
replied · 32d
It's probably all just for fun, but maybe some of them will be usable in the future.
replied · 32d
Tell her about BCH so she can be happy too.
replied · 32d
I like to work in an environment where everyone is happy most of the time. She sounds like a bitch, lol.
Turns out she is just happy being miserable and she doesn’t like happy people lol 🤷🏻‍♀️ Lmao that’s ok though. Just makes me want to be happier around her lol