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replied · 94d
There are existing laws to regulate those things you know. That's how the world works.
replied · 94d
Lol it's not about hamburgers. It's about bypassing embargos, money laundering and such. No one cares about your $50 spend on amazon. It's about big money, moved anonymously.
replied · 94d
No, we don't have shnorr's and op_checkdatasigverify. Helping to anonymize on protocol level may be your nail to the coffin.
replied · 94d
Anonymizing transactions increases risk of it being illegal. That was the case in the past for previous digital cash attempts. And you do it on protocol level, you really ask for it.
replied · 94d
Looks like I'm the one with a brain here.
replied · 94d
If it doesn't work, then why BSV got 128MB blocks on mainnet and 1.4GB blocks on scaling network, while other chains say it's impossible to scale onchain? Your argument is false.
i'm pretty sure BCH is closer to being illegal than BSV being a scam.
We knew that's coming, we just didn't know when. Congrats to Craig, I'm happy for him he got his rightful place in krypto. Let him build further, this is just the beginning.
· 131d · memo
Today Memo celebrates 1 year since launch! Thanks to everyone who helped make Memo one of the top dapps in crypto!
Bitstagram is my favorite app! BSV used block space surpasses BTC for day number 2 now!! Yay!!
replied · 156d
We do not yet have support for Bitstagram but we are planning on supporting it and other protocols in the future. No timeline currently though.
replied · 156d
Countries should tokenize their currency on #BitcoinSV
replied · 158d
I fail to understand why Britain decided to leave, they were major power in EU and could influence others to stop Germany's and France's dominant role.
replied · 158d
The faster they move to Bitcoin the better for them. As long as they chose wisely the real Bitcoin.
If it's not Bitcoin, it's not worth touching.
replied · 158d
Yes they are different, once the unsplit coins run out, all messages will be different. Now some of them are broadcast on both chains , because unsplit coins are used.
replied · 158d
It does feel faster.
replied · 158d
The question is if you really want to be a multi coin project.
What's the roadmap for #memo? Initial hype ended and split also cased further decline, so wondering what's the plan for the future :)
I like it, but it is so expensive :(