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Wondering if Satoshi left Bitcoin to focus on Metanet?
Sounds dangerous :) its going away from PoW from what i know, so nothing good for bitcoin.
Can abc see what sv wrote and vice versa?
I am pro SV and joined memo at the early days.
If it wasnt for BSV id get out of crypto completely. If the whitepaper Bitcoin dies Im out.
Isn't it the case? How ctor is helping? It can be done without it as well, will be a bit more difficult, that's all. What about DSV? Checkpoints? 3 node versions in 1 week time?
SV is the Bitcoin. ABC can hate CSW as much as they want, it will not change that fact. Some ppl are blinded with hate. Look for valid arguments in favor of both sides.
No way CSW joins Jihan in anything. Roger still has some chance, but would he want to join a person that made him go broke?
Sad that memo is impacted, i really like this social platform.
Better have SV that wants legal global business usage than abc that wants PoS, checkpoints, bucket shops and pseudo anarchy coin that will be marginalized.
Ah just to close the topic, i will no longer update this topic as i don't care about ABC coin.
Jihan wants more coins as he sells miners. They don't have to be profitable, people just need to believe they can be. He does not care about Bitcoin. He will not join forces with CSW.
BitcoinSV roadmap is so simple, I finally sleep well. The changes have to be simple enough that average user can understand because that’s the investor
An attacker can now overtake the chain mining 10 blocks using rented hashpower!
ABC undermined Nakamoto Consensus:

How many ABC updates have there been since the fork? 5?
What are you changing? What are you afraid of?
Maybe you should read the SV road map.
Q1 2019
SV is the one with the most committed hash. It also can scale to 64mb blocks already. (ABC can't)
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everyone who uses `Faketoshi` needs to read this - would be dumb for CSW to actually prove that he is Satoshi; it's enough that Ross Ulbricht is in prison
Z okazji 100 rocznicy odzyskania niepodległości przez Polskę, chciałbym podziękować wszystkim bohaterom, dzięki którym mogę teraz żyć w tym pięknym, niepodległym kraju!
I'm actually quite looking forward to the Bitcoin Cash hashwar.

A great Satoshi experiment.

Let the side with the greatest hashpower win!
11.11.2018 update: BTC halving estimated on 01.06.2020, BCH 03.04.2020 (-58,8 day difference). Block height will never converge.
We dont need CTOR for 1gb blocks...
Coingeeks miner will be more efficient than this one by at least 6W/TH/s i.e at least by over 13%.