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replied · 6h
Awww....yizzzz :-D
replied · 4h
Our support staff take a peek to see what's going on. Case by case but if it's obvious they're a bad actor they get banned after mod reviews.
replied · 7h
7of9... More like 10of10 amiright?!
replied · 7h
Do I smell someone working on a docker setup for memo?!

If so... I have memo tips waiting for you. 💸😀
Love finding friendly faces on to trade with. Makes trading a little more easy when you know them from Memo or Twitter or telegram. #dailymemo 👌
replied · 11h
Thanks! I'll look into that.

100 seemed like a nice arbitrary amount. Plus was a bit worried about performance. Perhaps even a view more to initiate more for users looking 2 deepdive

is caused by [ -X- Privacy Badger ]

which others may also stumble upon.
+: Why only 100 ?
If I don't do another video by July 27, I'll pay $100 in #BCH to whoever calls me out first.

replied · 2d
Derp. No SSL yet. I guess that's on the list. 👈
Any other ideas for Curious what else I can add to it in my spare time. #dailymemo
Many people are simply missing the consciousness necessary to comprehend what is actually going on inside of them... Lack of psychedelic psychological experience...
It seems that many people would rather give away trust than care about privacy and immutability. We're not in a war against other coins or even USD. We're in a war of convenience. #dailymemo
· 3d
Hey everyone! I've launched a VPN service called PlasmaVPN (currently in Beta). This is a completely anonymous VPN service.

Accepts BCH, BTC, ETH, and LTC!
Ya finally got off the Maple syrup lol
Which one of you wise guys gave me $CRABS? 🤣#dailymemo
replied · 4d
I hit the gym twice in one day. Haven't done that in over a decade! 😎
Two-a-day! 💪💪 #dailymemo
voted make it interesting, bring them on. · 7d
created poll · 7d
Challenges that arise during your life:
make it interesting, bring them on. 2 votes · 1,000 satoshis
just suck, I hope I never have to face one ever again. 0 votes · 0 satoshis

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replied · 7d
Ya it's alright. Just some parts can be a bit winded. Worth finishing. The shameless plugs from coke, eggo, and ,m&ms seem to have ramped up. Some episodes feel like a commercial.
replied · 7d
It's decent, but about 60% of S3 is teen romance and venting about relationships. The action is fine when it's not broken up by cheesy dialogue
I signed up a new merchant for #BCH today 🤗 he gains economic freedom for his business.
I think I would have enjoyed stranger things more if it only ever had one season. #dailymemo
Hello Memos. Nice message from Vin if you have not heard it.
Bitcoin: A Sovereignty System
replied · 8d
Maybe... But maybe not.