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The Uncensorable Publishing website has a new home page:
I love crypto, but I HATE crypto politics. I am SO fed up with it.
From now on, I will take a "Yawn...wake me up when you have grown up"-stance and continue with my life. #YOLO

In case you missed it. I'm giving away some $mist. 🌫️

Check out the thread on twitter to get some. ♥️ On memo for a small taste of MIST.

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What's the most exciting thing on BCH right now?
MIST 10 votes · 50,000 satoshis
Tether 1 votes · 0 satoshis
Avalanche 4 votes · 10,000 satoshis
Merchant adoption 5 votes · 0 satoshis


261d Wallet v6.4.0 released!🚀
- sweep funds from IMG in device library (try w/
- improved discovery section, featur Swap, news, edu, and partners.
- bug fixes and stability improvements
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Not many highlights. At least probably nothing you don't already know about.
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hey nice to meet you
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Any chance can rescue
replied 279d seems Memo is no longer being used at all by any BSVers. Only BCHes now :-)
BSVers seem to have fled to Twetch, not there were that many to begin with here.
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I quit looking at adult content and incorporated more probiotics into my diet.
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a wave of generosity followed by a wave of begging followed by a wave of anti-begging interspersed with shtposting, drama and a few new faces😀
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Welcome back! Hello from Canada.
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Haha soon I hope. Been busy with the wallet team. Once we're caught up I'll have more time to drop in
Big fan of this dark mode on memo. Feels sleek. Great work memo team! #dailymemo
Been away from the memo crowd for a few months. Can anyone give me the highlight reel? #dailymemo
My first post - BCH CPU Cooler
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I must spread Jesus Christ teachings.