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Sometimes, we really want something, really want it, and when we get it, it turns out to be normal. Fun in the pursuit phase, bland in the possessing phase. Humans are experts at changing their minds :D
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For things that are less important, I used to get emotional. Now I prefer to give in. After all, not everything has to be a problem. So just take it and enjoy :D
We are often given the right to choose. Of course. But often they are only given a choice between bad and not so bad :D
Under current circumstances, still being able to laugh and sleep well is a luxury :D
Trying to be better, not to prove it to others, but to prove it to myself :D

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Dec 25, 2014
The urge to do good is a primordial human talent that comes from conscience, in accordance with human nature :)
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I just say stuff when I am drunk, it wasn't that rude lol.
Civilized society will not exist if the law is not enforced fairly, which begins with a sincere personal commitment ;)
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Okay :D
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So actually my post is my expression for my ex. Sorry if this post turned out to be not good to read here :)
My biggest disappointment is often letting myself down :D
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Sorry, I didn't mean it that way, I didn't mention it that way, but in a deeper direction, I also like helping people in need.. ;)
Life can't be completely wasted, even people whose lives are wasted have a contribution as an example of people whose lives are wasted. :D
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Complaining is always tired but still always done, because I know, if we are in trouble, the one who can help us is ourselves :D
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Very interesting, in advance nice to meet you. Yes, on closer inspection, it seems the confusion will always settle on "do nothing" as well. :D
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I was confused about what to do, in the end I did nothing so as not to be confused :D
I was confused about what to do, in the end I did nothing so as not to be confused :D
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