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I collect token as a hobby!

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sent · 845,000 sats 253d
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I almost forgot memo is also a social platform... oops. Anyways, hello memo people! Hope y'all are safe (:
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...survival of the fittest
why is it so expensive to live?...??
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I sent a token to a friend,, it reflected here that it has been sent, but my friend received none.
somebody come get her shes dancin like a strippuhr
PROMO PROMO! Buy NINI TOKEN GET ANOTHER 50% ON TOP OF WHAT YOU BUY!!!! a mystery token....its a secret..
Okay progress. About the site where you can find the info about NINI's token is still under maintenance....a mystery..
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Ive checked on telegram hahaha quite a lot of people there too
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its a mystery token... watch out
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wuv u hihi
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Oh haha sorry to confuse you buddy 😂 i was actually pertaining to my messy schedule... and my body clock 😴 haha
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how many are u selling?
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where is that? hahaha
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Man you're good at that! Hahaha so nice that memo has you (:
Are there any trading website aside from Memo? I'm thinking Memo is God tier.... Comment below! #Day4ofMakingMemoFrens
Hello Memo peeps! Y'all help out a fren thru having Nini tokens! What's the mystery behind this 🤔
thinking of what to do with all of these,,,, hmm
Nini's :>
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yo yO mAN HAHA just exploring memo. see if this exchange works :D
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yO Yo! hahaha im yolo from telegram,,,, ring a bell?
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now that explains why it took 4 hrs hahah anyways i received my first withdrawal here already.. feels nice. Thanks!