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Hi, i like bitcoin and privacy in general.
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replied 779d
Flu vaccine or not I'm glad I didn't died from polio as a child. Maybe flu vaccine is too much, but vaccines in general are very important.
787d · Goodbye Google
wth are you implying that all search engine coders are immature? jS is really useful, if you can't protect yourself against jS "hazard", I'm sorry for you
replied 787d
Oh don't worry, you never say goodbye to Google ;)
790d · QAnon
do you realize that qanon is just a guy typing random stuff on its keyboard right?
replied 794d
Idk, flash sounds too buzzy, doesn't feel real. Also, we only need to market "Bitcoin" itself as pay-and-go, not some obscure buzzword. Keep it as dumb as possible
replied 794d
Instant would be the best buzzword. Transactions with X number of confirmations would be "guaranteed / trusted / locked transactions", but it insinuate instant tx are not..
replied 801d
The thing is BCH does what dash does, better. Without the masternode nonsense and not nearly all premined..
replied 801d
propaganda is still going strong but when crypto craze comes again, new giants like coinbase, bitpay, etc will be forced to use BCH. Dream market adopted it, they were forced to.
replied 801d
Get rid of gerrymandering, its always in favor of the party that draws it. They should also limit their campaign to a certain amount of money, right now the richest always gets elected
Carrefour pour que leurs parquets de pâtes complètes fassent plus rustiques ils les mettent dans du plastique mat
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replied 809d
What are you implying by "self control"? If his actions were morally right, it wasn't perversion.. You are not born to be a pervert, you learn to become one.
replied 809d
So what, you cut everybody's balls off and grow humans like Brave new world? We will always have to deal with weak people that can't control themselves.
replied 816d
Even if i don't fully agree with it, ABC has a long term roadmap, with each problem a proposed solution. Craig is not the only one to talk about it (and modem that dl 32MB blocks lmao)
replied 816d
I've watched parts of the live stream of the satoshis vision conference, really interesting conference.
replied 816d
CPU clock speed is stagnating and clients are still single threaded. Not saying it's top priority. Block size was never a problem, it is how you deal with them that limits Bitcoin.
replied 817d
He is the only one because you also have to validate the block before sending it. This is where the real scaling issue is. Moores law is dead and we need multi threading to compensate
replied 820d
Probably wrong, but he is still right until proven wrong. Right now, he is very right
replied 821d
They still are openly pro BTC, but more than a year later there's no point in refusing to implement it..
replied 821d
Sure, but their ledger live software is so much cleaner, its a shame really
822d · XRP
XRP is very legit as long as ripple has more interests in keeping their company alive than selling everything. Like bitconnect for exemple.
replied 824d
Um, that's not 100% accurate. How long did the block take to complete? Was it a 10 minute block for sure?
replied 824d
actually you are right, i didn't thought about that, the block took 17 minutes to arrive so its about 90 tps for 17 minutes, all that without issues
replied 824d
The biggest block mined today had 95,861 tx in it, thats 159 tps for at least 10 minutes, I think we are more ready than we think.