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Crypto enthusiast. I see a big potential for Bitcoin Cash.


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Red Letter extension for Status https://imgur.com/a/KJjPwnU
Gifcat extension for Status
Agreed - also needs to help those merchants get more publicity when they support BCH
En Levende Mand
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Will you host a Bitcoin-ABC 0.19 node?
你会运行一个Bitcoin-ABC 0.19的节点吗?
Yes 3 votes · 546 satoshis
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BCHD - if it remains viable
· 9h
30% of all transactions or of those which use Op_return?
Just thinking the same. Bch would welcome them with open arms, btc chain treats them like thieves.
Yesterday 330374-329773=601 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈7.7%|abc(330357-329756=601,📈7.7%),sv(719093-718862=231,📈11.6%)
you know how to get all that free stuff.

Just claimed some free Zcash on Coinbase Earn.

Know The Coin: Interview with Bitcoin Cash Developer Corentin Mercier #Bitcoin #BCH

and there is reorg protection.
Even though BCH has less of the hashrate, it's still a more resilient network as it's not prone to develop backlogs and won't shit itself if a considerable amount of miners leave it.
true. that's the issue.
But our hash power may not enough for them
I agree. Bitcoin Cash chain is currently much less secure than BTC chain :(
Well, that is self-fullfilling either way. If the traffic rises, the demand rises, the price rises and then the hashrate rises.
Yes, core is not as open as other open source organizations. They are not friendly to other developers.
That is the problem but btc it's definitely not sustainable. Fees are going to go high for them. Core might even change software to screw them lie they did vitalik.
smart move
I moved to a legal state so I wouldn't have to wonder about what was in my weed at all anymore, you really have to trust the dealer otherwise, or be able to watch them smoke it too
damn. thats horrible.

Been testing out this 🐕 faucet, it's cool. Free Dogecoin paid out to a wallet of your choice.