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🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀Zilliqa breakout imminent🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
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please don't scam people with fake USDH tokens :-)
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Haha. It's just that you put it as you can only do drugs as an addicted and not just for fun. Maybe I'm misinterpreting
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she was addicted to drugs?
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What ever you do, do it completely.
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They certainly will. The Badger wallet already differentiates tokens. For instance, the SPICE token has a logo. We can imagine a "verified" status for the most popular tokens.
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you make your bed and you sleep in it.
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I'm an idiot then. But a nice idiot 😘
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#DRUGS are for #idiots.
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Only 1 hour left to guess the BTC fee for Tuesday. Jackpot is more than 5 Mio satoshis. Take your chance.
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I hope wallets will warn about this. Looking at which token had a ticker first and warn you if you have a later one. Using hashes seems too confusing and difficult for my mom.
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The real token id of USDH is c4b0d62156b3fa5c8f3436079b5394f7edc1bef5dc1cd2f9d0c4d46f82cca479: https://memo.cash/token/c4b0d62156b3fa5c8f3436079b5394f7edc1bef5dc1cd2f9d0c4d46f82cca479
Be careful! As expected in a permissionless system, people create false tokens. Here is a false USDH: https://memo.cash/explore/tx/df89b02f3e3a637d6ea4706847dc9faf2c60a600fa4f04440a8b2b0a9645d59d
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Memo needs some native image upload...
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I'd happy with support for the main media sites + ipfs.
Submitting a new merchant in Marco Coino does not work: https://www.bitcoin.com/marco-coinosubmit-listing
Smashed my phone today with my car by accident, probably gonna try to buy my next one with BCH.
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If you have FB coins on BCH, you can offer a BCH reward for burning them.
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If you have FB coins as BCH tokens, you have to redeem them. If you have any other stable coin, you have to exchange them to FB coins. Both ways leads to a trust third party.
Lesson learned: dating Asian girls needs more verbal communication.