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Crypto enthusiast. I see a big potential for Bitcoin Cash.


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Uploading Cat Pics via Chat.chat
With Chat.chat,Really easy to upload images.
i Love it!!
That's it. Predicting the utter demise of memo.cash.
If you plan to go to #Budapest #Hungary I know a guy who accepts crypto for renting a room. Let me know and I will give you contact details.
If you plan to go to #Budapest #Hungary I know a guy who aceepts crypto for
You can spend as much BCH as you want on this address! qpegl7k2dkq0gxmmrk58hm5f54d9u8rylcj074xg52 Promise!
Even if the LN will be PERMISSIONLESS, it can't possibly be PRIVATE since it relies on direct and/or long-living connections, which is, surprise-surprise, exactly where the government has a big edge by being almost
direct connections, so it's true p2p, and private as long as it's not too expensive to use the base layer for mixing and atomic swaps.
Does anyone pump sv.memo.cash statistics?
BSV literally stands for Bull Shit Vision.
timestamp.network created yersterday over 100 sv.memo accounts again. https://sv.memo.cash/profiles/new
Above 300k Memo actions reached!
Well, that didn't last long.
Yesterday 299821-299345=476 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈10.2%|abc(299810-299334=476,📈10.2%),sv(298803-298062=741,📈112.9%)|Seems sth wrong with sv site.
There are 100 accounts named `timestamp.network` who created a lot of hash messages in sv memo site. Which makes hunders of tx per day on sv memo site. http://timestamp.network/
Do you really believe this bullshit?
Either you are a paid shill or else you are just delusional.
nChain was agreed with CTOR https://bit.ly/2L43oad
Have you read this yet? https://bit.ly/2G8z0Nf
So you want miners to upgrade their hardware but not their software? Some bottlenecks are not due to lack of hardware perfomance.
yeah thats correct! everyone seem to think that its not possible to scale the original protocol.. for good reason though.
Disagree. I'm a BSV supporter, and I want to see if Bitcoin 0.1 can scale. We've tried literally everything else, but not the original protocol.
Preconsensus has anything to do with scalability? I though it just makes 0-conf more reliable.