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Crypto enthusiast. I see a big potential for Bitcoin Cash.


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Now I uninstalled the Facebook Messenger app from my phone. Great times ahead.
My favorite Hungarian drink is:
Would it be possible to have private messaging on Memo? 😊
A magyar a legnehezebb nyelv, hogy próbáltam tanulni.
I've now started phasing out Facebook. It's too valuable for me to just delete it but I started moving private Messenger conversations over to Signal. #deletefacebook
I really like Coinbase' role as a crypto bank. This is something which can make it much easier for new users. They have insurance so ordinary users don't have to worry that much about security. And their vault feature
I have just found out you can convert cryptos for free on Coinbase. That's cool!
BCH, LTC and EOS are extremely close to each other in market cap.
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Great to see you here
great to see bch having the 4th spot once again
I was in a shop today where they had a "Bitcoin accepted" sign. I asked them if they accept Bitcoin Cash, but they only accept BTC. Since I have no BTC, I paid with Mastercard instead.
Does anybody know why Bitcoin.Com explorer is no longer showing a decoded OP_RETURN?
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Looks like BCHs lows are getting higher and higher.
BCH took back the 4th spot
I wonder if the big rising of BCH today is because of the BTC fees getting high again, and that BCH stands in kontrast and wanted to fix those issues.
what do you think about 5G? Do you think it is dangerous? I think it is. I don't trust anything of what mainstream media says since many of them are funded by stolen money.
4/5. come on people, please help me :D
Bch keeps rising
Just tried Cashshuffle in Electron Cash. Can't wait for it to come to bitcoin.com wallet too.
even a transaction from Kraken is now hanging in the BTC mempool! I'm laughing my ass off.
Has anybody ever considered making btc as a slp token as a competitor to Liquid? 😀