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Crypto enthusiast. I see a big potential for Bitcoin Cash.


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If you really want to help any animal living on the streets then give him #vegan food which is not produced by killing other animals!! Just feed them and let them be free! No animal needs a human, they just want food!
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What color do you prefer for the Bitcoin Cash logo?
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BCH: 505076-504245=831 memo txs. num of tx📉20.8%, account for 2.1% of all BCH txs(40249)
BSV: 792484-792185=299. num of txs📉18.8%, (116103)
BTC: (335875), BCH/BTC=12.0%
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BCH: 504245-503196=1049 memo txs. num of tx📈8.6%, account for 2.4% of all BCH txs(43323)
BSV: 792185-791817=368. num of txs📈26.9%, (117222)
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things I'm playing with
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115 minutes and still ticking.
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We are breaking records for this month, 82 minutes no block ...
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115 minutes and still ticking.
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CSW is Satoshi :)
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Node @ bchgang.org have been upgraded to bchd v0.14.7
Nodes @ electroncash.de and cashshuffle.net have been upgraded to Bitcoin ABC 0.20.0
Let's tip u/jscramer some BCH.
He is doing most the SLP work on Electron Cash.
bitcoin-ts now includes a full BCH virtual machine: evaluate and debug BCH scripts in JavaScript

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Of course they will attack BCH and never stop because they have no control over it...it hurts their products that are leeching of an old btc chain..
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They thought if they controlled btc git they could rule Bitcoin....they did not want to control an old fork....Bitcoin Cash weakens them.
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They knew years ago a rebellion like BCH will split, that's why they set up the "Satoshi's Vision" operation as early as Blockstream.