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I like terminal prompts.

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"Each person who buys or sells goods using bitcoins, including exchangers, is increasing the bitcoin economy. Everyone, do your part. Buy or sell something in exchange for bitcoins!"

- NewLibertyStandard, Jan 9, 2010
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Reminder: on memo.cash you cannot be censored by Russians or Ukrainians!
I am not happy about what happened to member.cash - it was so mich better without the BitClout stuff....
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Any Golang or Javascript developers in the US want to work on Memo? Shoot us an email: [email protected]
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CIA Mass Surveillance, Tracking Crypto Transactions, Inflation, & a bill to ban E2EE!

replied 118d
Hope to be lucky and get some reapers. I wanted to own different NFTs in SmartBCH and Reapers is one of the NFTs that i really like the graphics.
replied 117d
I have no reaper but if I won in this giveaway I have so many share in this reaper I love reaper but like I said in noise I have no nft in or reaper sins im create metamask thank you
replied 120d
Unfortunately, I read it much too late.😟
replied 120d
I don't own any Reaper. I have tried to place a bid but unluckily I did not win because my funds are just limited. If you could give me chance to own one then I would be so grateful.
replied 120d
Wow, Thats awesome, I deserve this beautiful reaper because I love this beautiful and amazing art work, I bought 2 reapers one I sold I other one I save for me, because it's beautiful.
replied 120d
Thank you so much sir
replied 120d
Yes I am. Thank you so much 😊
replied 120d
replied 120d
There is no particular reason, I just want to have a beautiful Grim Reaper as a collection
replied 120d
There is no particular reason, I just want to have a beautiful Reaper as a collection.
replied 121d
I don't know how to add my avatar huhuhuh..trying so many times with the url but it doesn't correct .I need to learn some instructions first.but setting up my nicknames already..
replied 120d
I also believe on this project bcoz the experience of the artist (Chu) & you who is a long time BCH supporter. Kudos ☺️

Suggestion: in reapers site, hope our NFT has animation
replied 120d
I minted 1 Reaper already but it's common so I was trying my luck to get some more too that I can used soon for my medication and laboratories once I got my schedule in the hospital :)
replied 120d
Back then, I lose money in crypto but still i mint a reapers NFT because i believe on this project especially article on read.cash about roadmap and small game.
replied 121d
I'm getting hooked into NFTs now, I was too late in having one. Having one of these is like an achievement for me. Hoping to be one of the lucky picks. Kudos to the whole team😊