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Creds are out there... no one is safe.

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Most likely the last post from this account. Will be interesting if restored by the curious.
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Creds are out there... no one is safe.
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Think about sustainability.
Turn off the media.
Grow food.
Care for the lands.
Love your life.
Love yourself.
Bring the things you want into this world.
It all starts locally.
It starts with us.
No more excuses.
Joe Rogan's missing the boat with crypto, but I don't blame him. No one has made a convincing argument to him yet.

And the Bitcoin maxis trying to get on are only making things worse and not addressing any concerns.
New Thorchain Savers Vault for L1 assets like BCH, BTC, LTC etc. is a game changer & is the decentralized solution we need after the FTX debacle!
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Hello Josh, you are Welcome to join today's SmartBCH Twitter Hangout, First of the YEAR with Sal the Agorist
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Check out `Capitalism and Freedom`
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In France we have Frédéric Bastiat's "Ce qu'on voit et ce qu'on ne voit pas" and other essays. Bastiat's work was a great source of inspiration for Hazlitt.
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Sounds like economics 101 Easy peasy
If you are interested in economics, I highly recommend reading Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt. This short read is worth your time, and can help you understand many of the world's economic fallacies.
"Beginners Introduction to Privacy" ebook OUT NOW 😃
It's depressing to think of the people in crypto who don't want to spend it or take it for their business.

Until you realize how many people outside of crypto actually want to use it, they just don't know how yet.
Privacy Myths DEBUNKED!

NBTV Livestream: What privacy tips do YOU need for 2023?
January 3rd, 2023, 3pmET (NY Time)
Verifying my account on nostr

My Public Key: 1038d6f710c72efffcd858ac667b446ffa29e19209d12c54b7ae372e0538983a

Find others at #nostr
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Memo does some caching that makes some initial requests slow. Things usually speed up after they've loaded once.
I received a Bitcoin Lightning Network payment. Or rather, I should have, but it sent and just never arrived. Poof, into the void.

NEVER happens with on-chain where I could look everything up on the blockchain. 🙄
Self custody your crypto. Withdraw your coins from exchanges. If they are legit then you reduce their liabilities. If they are not solvent then you get your coins off first and hopefully save yourself a lot of drama.
Trying to post a new memo is timing out for me a large percentage of the time. Anyone else noticing this? Any tips to speed up memo?