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David knife
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Lesson learned. I noticed accounts which are “tip me please “ and then disappears.
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They are like the homeless in south park.
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It seems you are right.
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Make sure your phone is updated
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A third of the spice telegram group migrated over for free sats.
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Beware, I realize that many people are making some new profiles to try to take advantage of your generosity.
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catupiry chicken and four cheeses
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thank you very much dude, it was delicious!
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Unusual Uther
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I hope that helps. Your account is too new to give more too.
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I'll just buy it at night, then I'll send you the picture, thank you man
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Unusual Uther
OK bro
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Unusual Uther
it's been so long since I eat a pizza bro, I promise
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Unusual Uther
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Unusual Uther
a pizza would look great bro hahah
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Unusual Uther
I also believe in this thesis
Unusual Uther
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Bitcoin Core dominance is at the top, they are not going any higher.
That is what I believe. They will fall from here, they can't maintain it, the price is so high and they are running out of propaganda.
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