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bought 1,000 GTU for 1,800,000 satoshis (1,800 each) from 33d
listed 1,000 GTU for 1,800,000 satoshis (1,800 each) SOLD 765d

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why you hating some people?
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help me too ma junior for my online study 🙏
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dont hate me sir were friends too ? am i right but thanks you didnt mute me
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good evening sir uther ☺️
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good afternoon friend uther 😉
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Which do you prefer the least???
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merry Christmas my friend uther 🎉🙏⛄

Paradelous - We met a thousand years ago
2,323 views•Aug 12, 2013


Dr. Uther 17Xudk
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me and my Christmas tree 💗
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hope youll notice me to help sir uther it is hard to provide to stock foods for my family this is my family fridge
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i really dont know yet how to earn for spending my study online classes because i dont have gadget for it and i was trying to open my memo when i renting computer at shop
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me and my chicken pet 🤗 everyday im caring and loving my favorite pet 😱😁 named remrem
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hope helps me to buy rice and vegetables sir uther i love eating vegetable leafy veggies and fruits
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not all foods are healthy right. but we can decipline our food habbits when eatings unhealthy foods like junkfoods,softdrinks,and high cholesterol it cant helps in our body
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yes true and we know its easily use robot vacuum,also want to use by all women easy cleaning
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im a stop student sir uther😔 how can able to continue my schooling if my parents cant provides my need in schools like projects assignment research in the internet.
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😲😲 thank you friend uther
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🤔 i wanna see alien pictures