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Hello again. I'm still alive.
This fork is such a pita eh?
I'm still alive.
I'm not living in Singapore, but I'm still getting random government "totally-not-bribes-for-upcoming-election" handouts, which are all going straight into Bitcoin (BCH).
Luke seems to still have 300kb ambitions, we should support him.
I am @xmodulus on, u/xmodulus on reddit, @_xmodulus on twitter.
The Singapore govt is planning to pass a law to counter "fake news". This can't go well.
When I type "m" into my browser it usually brings up my email, but now the first thing that pops up is memo.
awemany is a legend.
Some friends just came back from Korea, participating in the World Kendo Championships, with some neat souvenirs! :D
Wow #hashtags are finally here. Awesome!
This topic. The first discussions of what would be known as BCH stress test day.
omg.. did I miss the stresstest...
Some days I wish I could just drop everything and work on Bitcoin (BCH) related projects full-time.
My internet has been down for the past week or so, been stuck using expensive NZ mobile data, or work at my uni's library. :(
At the very least, NO replay protection. Lets watch the Nakamoto Consensus do it's thing.
Anything but a chain split, please. It sucks to think that my (and others) hard work onboarding new folks will be for naught. Both Amaury and CSW have not been helping this case AT ALL.
Watch tether print itself to the number one spot.
I'm not a fan of CSW by any means. But I find myself agreeing with him this time. I believe miners should take steps to hiring devs to implement what they want. I'd like to see others follow CoinGeek's steps.
"Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit."

Bit by bit, with time it'll be a mountain. (Rough English translation)

Awesome updates @memo!
Sure, you can make a PR :)
Wow... The vue.js team has been hard at work. Legends!
Thoughts on adding default list of verified users? I've been collecting proofs of prominent users and thought of adding them to memo++ by default.
I live to see the look on people's faces as the "ping" sound comes when the money is sent to their phones. Precious.