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What are you talking about? There's nothing to increase, the blocksize cap is ADJUSTABLE, miners can set it to what ever they want.
Why aren't the stress test txs replayed on the ABC chain? Nothing substantial has been added to SV to make bigger blocks possible. ABC/BU can handle that too.
The only ticker i want for BCH is its real ticker...BTC :-)
This fork is such a pita eh?
Thanks, good to know. Ping me if anything breaks. I won't be updating it unless someone asks.
I'm still alive.
Crypto market is down, BCH is down, lots of crypto app activity is down. Memo activity may be low but I look at this as a slow period for building before the rush comes, hopefully :)
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Do i at least get to DIRECTLY control how my stolen money is spent? No. I have to *elect* some motherfucker who decides for me.
I'm not living in Singapore, but I'm still getting random government "totally-not-bribes-for-upcoming-election" handouts, which are all going straight into Bitcoin (BCH).
the us has already been left behind founder of
Here's a post I put together about it:
How do you know if you were within the first 100 users?
Are you only here to push Dash? You getting paid by the Dash post? Lmao 🤣 Every time I read your posts your giving a Dash sales pitch.
Luke seems to still have 300kb ambitions, we should support him.
I am @xmodulus on, u/xmodulus on reddit, @_xmodulus on twitter.
The Singapore govt is planning to pass a law to counter "fake news". This can't go well.
When I type "m" into my browser it usually brings up my email, but now the first thing that pops up is memo.
Memo Challenge!
Memo just passed 3,800 users! Everyone makes 20 memo interactions per day that would be 76,000 #BCH Transactions daily! Make a post, comment on a post, like a post. Let’s make Memo Transaction Waves!
Check out, its another memo client with those extra features.
awemany is a legend.