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very interesting what he says about credit cards in Iran from 3:13

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PayPal, Apple, Facebook, etc. = Payment systems built BY people under surveillance FOR people under surveillance.
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Member is actually using additional memo protocol functions? You should be in contact with Jason Chavannes to avoid conflicting protocol OP codes
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I feel for Zuck. A lot of these 'public servants' are acting like real cunts and he's being very patient with them.
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Found a photo from the Zuckerberg grilling
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People want to speak freely. They also don't want to be prevented from trading with others. These are the foundations of a free society. Why does America seem to be going backwards?
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Watching the Zuckerberg grilling it seems only natural that a platform like #MEMO has the potential to supplant the current social network giants.
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Muted activity is now removed from the everyone and new posts feeds
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Can we please get at least an option to make muted comments disappear?
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Another thing cool about Memo is how you can use it to prove that you were the first person to say something, or come up with an idea, although ideas are a dime a dozen. It's all about the execution. #dailymemo
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will people be able to create their own member 'subreddit'?
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it is quite snappy
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