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Thanks for all that you're doing, this is the kind of things we need moving forward as we decentralize the world! :)
14d is an alternative to (an ABC-controlled website). It is still being worked on as I've been doing it by myself for the most part, but please let me know of any fixes needed!
Corona outbreak in USA. Now what?
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bought 100 SPICE for 51,500 satoshis (515 each) from 43d
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53d · memo
The new wallet contains a link to memo!

Considering the large number of people using this app...
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Or just give us the option to hide it 👍
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It's awesome, my only gripe is the ugly MasterCard ad on the home screen. Put that noise elsewhere 😝
52d · Strange Planet
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I was simply stating my opinion. Is that not allowed now? Quit your bitching.
70d · bitcoin

BCH flips XRP in terms of liquid market cap AKA real market cap.
Crescent Cash v1.11 for Android will be releasing later today. This will feature the new UI design, and the redone SLP system. :)
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and she should have no problem fitting into the package
Huge update coming to Crescent Cash soon! I'm so excited for this update. It will fix so many issues and allow for introducing cooler features in the future. :)

One thing this will enable in the near future is (...)
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soon-ish. need to finish SLP integration into bitcoincashj first before i can finish the crescent update
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Whens the new crescent cash coming? It looks nice
Reintroducing FREE transactions

Is it possible to post a Memo from Electron Cash or any other wallet?
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Also, who needs reddit gold or silver? Straight money is so much better.
I'm really liking the $ currency display option in Member. I suck at math and can't convert sats to cents in my head.
In 2020, after you order from Menufy make sure to go in next time and talk about how great of an experience it was to pay with BCH. Get the owners in the know, as they are likely unaware they even accept crypto online
Thank god, looks like the Bitcoin map operators finally realized that Menufy restaurants all use Bitpay, bunch of location uploads happening now. I've been plugging it here and on Reddit for fucking years now
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Those 6,010 BCH accepting restaurants are now on the Member map - - Upvote and downvote locations, leave reviews in the comments.