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Don't verify, trust.
When you have eliminated all opinions contrary to your own, then whatever remains, however illogical, i must be the only possible reasonable assessment. - Arthur Conan Coyne
If Elon Musk ever wants to talk to Bitcoin Cash developers ... our development processes and sites are open, we welcome honest engagement.
Hotly requested new feature!

See only content from the BCH network!
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Opening my member, all i see is BitClout thing, like why? Barely see post that supports BCH, because they are too much!
The MOST private browser (2021)

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I think turn it off would be my preference as well. Not really sure why it was added
Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.
BTC is a digital gold, store-of-value bullshit.
BCH is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

BCH is Bitcoin.
I've simply stopped referring to BCH as Bitcoin Cash, and now refer to it as Bitcoin.

This is because it's what it is, and because it pisses off BTC maxis (for luls)
Did you know it costs 22 cents just to send Dogecoin right now? At a quarter of Bitcoin's transaction volume it's already starting to break down.
"See Something Say Something Online" takes aim at Freedom of Speech
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4 Reasons to Use Crypto Everyday

Lake Garda
Northern italy j
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Before the dot com bubble burst the s&p price per earring ratio was 32.6. Today it is 42
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BCH Discussions - GROUP Proposal: a protocol upgrade that brings native miner-validated tokens
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50 EUR in #BitcoinCash to the BEST photoshop of a "Buy Bitcoin Cash!" sign+person in background of Lagarde in this:

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Govt Sues LBRY, Endangering ALL Crypto!
LBRY is being sued by the SEC in a case that could set a terrible precedent and kill tech innovation in the US. There's a reason Satoshi's anonymous.
Starlink Review: New Era of Internet
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What are NFTs and how do I make one??