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Sticking to principles. Digital cash for the world is every bit as beneficial as Ver says it is. I admire his conviction. Free trade, peaceful cooperation, no coercion. Heaven on Earth
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See my last post for disappearing tokens. Somehow all but 1 was destroyed I think.
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Steeeeveeee maddennnnnn...
Has anyone seen my Quaaludes? I created 1000 of them but they no longer show in my Memo profile. Anyone having issues with SLP tokens disappearing? Who stole my ludes?! lol
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I've had a memo account for a few hours and already I'm getting tokens of all types.

Tokens have an insane amount of utility. If it can be tokenized it will be tokenized.

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Doesn't it seem almost inevitable that the authorities will eventually criminalize the use of cryptos that allow immutable discussion? Maybe BCH should focus solely on global cash?
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Because BSV is a ticking time bomb led by a fraudster with a weird cult like following. I concede it does have better OP_RETURN support. That's not enough though.
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Sounds nice, I just don't want to see another fork happen.
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Silver is only at $20 per troy ounce - it was almost at $50 ~10 years ago
"Discipline is remembering what you want." - David Campbell
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Nothing wrong with speculators. We need people who believe in building honest money for the world. I think we have that.
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All while he calls China a "currency manipulator". What a moron.
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No man stands in the same river twice.

It is not the same river, and it is not the same man.
when the government tortures you until you renounce your religion..

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