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I think you mean CET/BTU!
What is BUT?
Imagine reading this in 2040. Hey old Kain_niaK. 1Niak6WPi1NDYquYGBc6TYVerheyEGeXM7
Sometimes I am the only one on memo.
And so we need to move forward, until there is enough distance and their lies can no longer be heard.Those who are in to the movement know exactly what I am talking about.
And so the only power they had there ... was the power of the lie.
On the old roads, they had installed gatekeepers. Gatekeepers that could use force. On the new roads, there were no gatekeepers.
we are going, many might follow. The further we go, the harder it will be for them to attack us. And so they do everything in their power to make us stay where we are.
we would create more and more distance between them ... until their voices can no longer be heard.And once we clear the path and show everybody that we know where
to stop us from moving forward. Even shouting really loud that they where the biggest believers in to the movement. But if only we would just keep on moving forward ..
them from one and another.And the more we hinted at each other to move on, the louder they made their voices. It looked like they did everything they could,
at stayed at the split in the road and those that had moved a little bit further towards the right path ... were still so close together that it was hard to seperate
, now it was them that started complaining. "What are you guys doing? We can't move forward! It's to dangerous! We have to stay here. Is what we have not good enough?"
Look, they are completely standing still! Let's try to ignore them and move on. Some other people had taken the right path with us, and when we tried continuing on that path
by the fruit of their work it looks like they are about preventing us from reaching our destination and not about them reaching a destination of their own.
But others tried to convince us to forget about the left behinders. They said: "these people are not interested in reaching the destination,
Some of us stopped, cause they wanted to shout something back.
They stayed at the place in the road where it forked. And they shouted at us: "you guys are crazy! And scammers! And idiots."
it seemed like going right was the best way forward to we went right. But some of the people did not want to go right with us.
There is a fork in the road.
You can go left or you can go right.
You are right, I'll make a new one on of these days.
My new meme is finally here boys and girls.

I am in favor of postponing it.
Do you understand the difference between segwit and ctor+graphene?
We already have consensus that we want to work on the system so it will be able to scale past blocks of 22 MB big. So everybody in BCH wants a solution, or do you disagree?