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What can you do, Bot?
Haha look at those suckers in the stuck lain.
Join the fun at https://memo.cash/
Helo there person looking at txstreet.com, I have eyes on and I am clear
IT works instant! Blockchain messaging for da win!
I love seeing my self at txstreet.com
Ai, I am back on the chain. Tip me when you love BCH!
or the devil himself ... even that would not surprise me at this point.
Which is super mysterious and absolutely anything is possible. In fact if it turns out that Satoshi is either Jesus Christ
I use to believe John Nash was Satoshi. I don't anymore. But I don't think Assange is Satoshi. But this is Bitcoin.
if Assange one day comes up with a signed message from the genesis block ... I would not be surprised at all.
I was hoping it was going to happen later" is what Satoshi wrote (I am pharasprahing) in 2010 I believe before disappearing.
Satoshi mentioned wikileaks when they announced they were going to accept Bitcoin. "we kicked the hornet's nest,
He also knows many cypherpunks.It's highly unlikely he did not hear about Bitcoin in 2008.
Julian Assange was very known in the circle of cypherpunks and even in the circle of cryptographers because he use to work for the DOD.
and BCH that he is now going to start using (or selling), or that there is a chance now it falls in to somebody else his/her hands.
I think it is possible that Julian Assange has a lot of BTC
Hey memo-ers. I am live on D.live right now. https://dlive.tv/Kain_niaK
Come and join me on the livestream using google hangouts. https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/53vt2v4jangnnlgssmyoboweiae
Guys you got to try out sideshift.ai, it's just as good as shapeshift used to be.
It's still in beta, so they need to trust you before they will give you access. But it's worth it.
You can't haha.
Try deleting this, reddit!
Ajax - Juventus 9cc676791f715fc01cef7245db8be49eb874b24d
I will be posting acestreams to football (soccer) livestreams in here. Install acestream and watch in the same quality as on TV.
If you want to watch Ajax Juventus on acestream --> 9cc676791f715fc01cef7245db8be49eb874b24d

Ha, try to delete that Reddit.
A video of mine made it on to dumpert.nl where it already got like 80 000 views or so!!!