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Yet another dark reminder that OP_RETURN is uncensorable, but isn't!

This time it's an outage. Who knows next time?
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Where? is only a dollar minimum. Only higher to go from BCH to BTC for obvious reasons.
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Hol up, Twitter actually did it's job for once? XD
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Julius Caesar and the conspirators have entered the chat
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Their minimum is usually equal to 1 USD. So you should be good if you sign up. Honestly using Tor Browser is easier than setting up a VPN for casual users.
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On today's episode of dangerous psychopaths that go under the radar on social media until it's too late...
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For $20 or so i can give you a $7 USD premium.
Anyone out there interested in helping me get some clipcash for BCH? I would just do it myself, but i find it completely asinine that they don't take some form of crypto.
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Yeah, cause military training and shit is the exact same as someone faking a massacre and keeping it under some illuminati lizard person type non-disclosure agreement.
What happened to the @Bitcoin Twitter handle? I thought it was pro-BCH. Was it turned over to someone?
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"Tip tokens" to me are just for fun. I think people are way more appreciative of BCH tips.
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That being said, i know this sounds crazy but maybe people would prefer to be tipped in BCH since, it actually does have market value and purchasing power :) .....
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My hat's in the ring.
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Eh, i use the one i made (Ankh). That being said i don't know if i'd call a tip token marketable. But if someone is selling it and someone is willing to pay i won't stop them.
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This is redundant, we already made reaction tokens and nobody uses them. Setting fixed prices just makes it seem like you're scamming people with the ones you created though, just give them away
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He never left.
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You don't think the definition of autopilot is correct?
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The value of BTC could be more overstated than we ever imagined. Maybe some one wants to keep the price going in the right direction, even if it's a lie?
How much of Bitcoins value comes from Tether, or other coins that happen to have pairs with Tether themselves?
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'Cause the people holding tether are the ones who are going to have their pockets turn up empty. The cryptocurrencies themselves will fall shortly after in response to the real market
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The people getting screwed are the exchanges giving bitcoins and other cryptos for Tether who treat it's value as 1:1 to the dollar.
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And justifying all the times they "kidnapped" you? Smart move /s