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"a sum of money saved or made available for a particular purpose."

Oh, wait. It's not Jeopardy....

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WeChat is something to keep an eye on then.
Trump admin making it ILLEGAL to host or transfer any internet traffic related to WeChat.

But Bitcoin cannot be banned?
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Well, i mean if he pays federal income tax...
Hold up. Why is Memo using all 100 of my UXTO's to Memo now?!

The whole point was so i could send more than 25 messages a block...
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My Memo profile lives off of token dividends...

Am i the BCH 1%?
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I mean like, keep handles. Just when you change handles the rep should not change because it looks at the BCH address, not the handle for it's info.
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Why can't the ratings system be tied to the users BCH address or public key rather than their member handle?
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So I'm stuck as my alter ego on Member forever 🙃
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Is there a way to get mine changed to DarkSpace?
Why doesn't Member have profile pictures?
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Just had to hover over the date...
How do i change my handle on Member?
Member.cash does not show my BCH balance nor allow me to change my handle...
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"Noting that he's “neither here nor there on Bitcoin,” Musk focused on its use for illegal transactions."

-Excerpt from CoinTelegraph
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Roger Ver and other folks on here with Memo have all posted verification of who they are via Twitter. It's the only way we know for sure.
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I think there is something weird about making celeb accounts and posting as if you were them. I'd like to think the real Elon would be interested in BCH, but the record shows otherwise.
It's September 2020, BCH is about to have a second coin split and the George Fool Line is a distant memory as BCH capitulates to price in the fork.

Feel old yet?
Before we split because the interests of miners, decidedly or not were in direct conflict with the interests of users. We used to trust the majority hashpower, longest chain and POW. Now every fork is justified...
Coin splits like this are getting fucking ridiculous. Now everytime someone has a disagreement it seems these days they are just like "Fork it!, Fork off!"

The BCH split in 2017 should have been the LAST split.
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Of that i have no doubt, a willing participant is the tricky part.
My dreams fizzle like my plans, i wonder if the two are somehow related?
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Still holding strong on that twenty year outlook?
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Depends on how the ruler is made i guess.
What is the safest way to move fused coins into cold storage?