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That's it then. 😞
You should trust your gut about people. You should trust your gut about yourself.
replied 884d
Not to join the comments below, but isn't the point that everything modern society does is eventually going to kill everyone you do and don't care about?
replied 915d
Everyone is quick to say that cryptocurrency is a solution without a problem, even when the problem is starting them right in the face.
replied 915d
Which honestly tells me that they made an insane amount of money off of credit card fraud and no-coiner coomers.
replied 915d
Even PornHub is reporting less sales even with crypto and bank transfers available.
replied 915d
It can be sold almost every day of the year at the point of sale with single digit percentage variance in value. Assuming you even care to hold fiat in the first place.
replied 915d
But it is ignored, or outright refused for "reasons" like volatility. Unless you are dealing in actual shitcoins, who the fuck cares how much it swings? Is it really held long enough?
replied 915d
Cryptocurrency is literally the easiest solution to the problem, and is easily accessible in every western country and saves both parties so much headache and leg work.
Honestly with the OnlyFans situation going on, it baffles my mind how people can be horny enough to use a credit card for porn, but are not horny enough to buy crypto to pay when the payment processors shut down.
replied 921d
Than an asteroid...
replied 921d
Dying from COVID however remote, is far more likely than getting killed by any asteroid impact. You're even more likely to get killed by a cow or a fridge- even a vending machine.
replied 922d
You should have said, "Is that a higher or lower chance than dying of COVID-19?"
replied 922d
You literally asked if the chance was higher or lower of "you" dying.
replied 922d
Lower. Zero actually, as I would have to find a way to live several centuries and still somehow manage to die in the impact.
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