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Tunnel snakes rule!
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Post good content. It's really that simple.
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There is only one proper response to those soliciting me sour lemons...

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IDK man, the community just seemed so.... Sour?
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B-but SeptMike said we'd be going to $500 soon!?
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If your going to call yourself David Hasselhoff the least you could do is have his profile picture.
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Which is why those numbers are guesses rather than hard data. When you do research you have to take other factors in consideration based on how the data is collected.
replied 2d
You can't prove its authentic volume, i can't prove it's not. That alone proves the volume is an untrustworthy metric as it's authenticity is not determinable.
replied 2d
All I'm trying to prove is that the metric is useless because there is a perceived financial incentive to abuse it. One that you happily take advantage of in your arguments.
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Of course there is a likelihood of abuse. There is a financial incentive to abuse it, for people like you to wave the charts up in the air and shout about how close BCH is to BTC.
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All I'm saying is that it is a useless metric because it has a high likelihood of abuse.
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They probably are.
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No, your right. There is no reason to fabricate the numbers. But there is a possibility that they are doing so anyway because they believe that the market does care. Much like you do.
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But it wouldn't be. Because the market does not care about value transferred on BCH. We can already see that given it's current proximity to BTC's transferred value. Inflated or not.
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But seriously, how do you know? Is it just an inconceivable thing to do? Whales could be doing it to fabricate stats just like the one you keep touting.
replied 2d
How do you know?
replied 2d
Uh, to prove i can spam 80 BCH in volume with 1 BCH?
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Wym? If i had 1 BCH in my wallet i could literally do it right now. With the amount i have on Memo right now it'd be literally impossible.
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I would if i had the BCH on hand XD
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TXID: 31e6ae930bf8e65bab91916b93d96fc62ab5486b8c766835ebb86862cb690588
Just did my first CashFusion. Can anyone tell me which coins are safe to spend?

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Every Memo transaction is counted as a full transfer of value. I could spam 80 Memo's with 1 BCH UXTO and create 80 BCH of "volume"

These metrics aren't trustworthy.
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Are you Lord Swole under a different alias?
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Wait, is Lord Swole still around?