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Halo 3 menu music: The good times are ending

Halo 4 menu music: The good times are over
replied 33d
You'll be back 😉
replied 44d
And my ham sandwich i left out three days ago.

This is getting outrageous 😡
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replied 67d
Don't mind me, just grabbing everyone's "bags"....

I'm uh, like jumping on that grenade for everyone, surely there won't be massive gains again in the next 4 years... don't worry...
replied 67d
Doesn't say that anywhere on the list
replied 67d
Not yet. Capitulation in the BTC market has only just begun
replied 70d
Satoshi Nakamoto's coins value would place him in the top 1% if we knew who he was. He's not Rob Walton, he is in a list of people in the 1%
replied 70d
That's not at all what that article said.
replied 70d
As they say, proof or GTFO
replied 70d
Is there any funding for any of this to be developed?
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Anybody working on anything at the moment that's actually promising?
replied 70d
Already funded. Can you not contribute to something that has already been fully funded?
replied 70d
Why are we still here?
Damn, once you block the spam there is hardly shit left.
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How much C02 did this post generate?
With the unconfirmed tx limit gone, I suppose I can post forever now?

Provided there is coin.
replied 80d
How long has it been?
replied 80d
Don't jinx it
replied 81d
idk, the Zack Snyder Flash Theme is pretty awesome...