Louis Le Bras

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Designer at SPATIUM company 🔥#tech #news

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Imagine a world with design everywhere
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Hello everyone, my job is to design businesses, create websites & build your identity (branding) !
My company support blockchain project.
Do not hesitate friends.
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Hey p0oker (I don't know your real name) ! How are you ? You're web dev ? If you want to talk more, this is my Twitter account : louislebras :)
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Welcome Louis! What kind of design you do? UI/UX?
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Thanks Telesfor !
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Thanks @p0oker ! I almost design businesses since 1 year and for sure yes, UI/UX !
Welcome people ! Happy to be there and to meet you! I'm new here.
I'm designer of projects, products & services !
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Designer at SPATIUM company 🔥#tech #news
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