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We celebrated the powerful women in blockchain on this week's Blockchain 2025 podcast episode.

Listen to the full show to hear which women are smashing it!

Shoutout to XDite!
Roger Ver Meets MMA Legend Kazushi Sakuraba
Roger Ver continues to spread Bitcoin Cash in Korea! He was asked a difficult question by a journalist - does Bitcoin Have intrinsic value?
Roger shares his thoughts on his discussions with Charlie Lee, Tone Vays, Jimmy Song and all other bitcoin cash news in his latest update video:
Humans Of Bitcoin Podcast with Vinny Lingham!

The importance of Giftcards in #crypto
Balancing work as a CEO
Crypto adoption & views on bottom-up mentality
The latest Bitcoin Cash weekly news update with Roger Ver. Live from the cruise
Will projects like SportsCastr change the way fans interact with athletes?

This Blockchain 2025 episode looks at the risks, but also huge gains available with 'fanchains'.
Roger debates two blockstream supporters in Korea Podcast Network just reached 100 episodes!

To celebrate, they are giving 2 listeners the chance to win t-shirts.

Visit @Bitcoincom on Twitter for more details.
The latest Roger Ver Weekly Bitcoin Cash Update:
Happy Stress Test Day!

Users of will have first look of a brand new feature on the TxHighway during #StressTestBCH today 😄

Say bye Herbie The Love Bug and hello to...? 🤔
Do you care where your food comes from?

In a fascinating interview, Angel of Ambrosus walks us through the blockchain that’s going to put our trust back in to food supply chains.
Cody Wilson reveals new Info on highly Controversial 3D Printed Gun Lawsuit. Cody's right to publish the files has been officially blocked. But he's found a *Shocking* Loophole...
Watch the latest Bitcoin Cash Update with Roger Ver! Watch as Samson Mow Runs when offered a debate with Roger. Roger also discusses the potential November upgrade and disagreements.
This Week In Bitcoin News Just Out! China get tough on crypto with prohibition laws and media outlets shut down on social media. Other news: Was Bitmex under DDOS attack? Listen now!
Roger Ver's latest Vlog from South Korea. Make sure you share the video if you enjoy! & Project Life Mastery are giving away 1 FREE ticket to the @CoinsBank Cruise!
48 Hours Left! With only a few entries you Stand a Great Chance of Winning!
"The welfare of billions of peoples lives…is controlled by this election process…we need something that works with what we have, that will get us to where we want to be.” -Paul Sztorc
If you've been banned by r/bitcoin don't feel bad.

@banned_r are giving away coloured coins to those being censored by the subreddit.

#FreedomOfSpeech #P2P

Big news! Blockchain 2025 has been nominated for a Podcast Award!
If you're registered at vote for us to win the 'Technology' category.
Roger Ver latest weekly show is up! Discussing @bitmains very bullish sign they are holding so much BCH. Challenging Charlie Lee to a debate and more!
Gabriel Cardona of interviews Shun Usami (Yenom Wallet & Mikan)
When you want something so badly, you explore every way possible to get it.

Paul Sztorc on the similarities between drug addicts & entrepreneurs & what that has to do with Bitcoin:
Win one ticket to the Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise in September!
Watch the video to find out how to enter:
Behind the scenes footage of the Bitcoin Cash community at a recent meetup at Zushi Beach, Japan