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This Week In Bitcoin: Death Spirals, Lies & Cryptophobia.

Misinformation has reached a new level in the bear market.

Topics: Bitcoin positive for climate & Morgan Creek vs S+P 500.
Hate it when you’re about to tip your waiter with Bitcoin Cash for great service-but they don't have the wallet, they’re super busy and the internet is poor?

We invented a solution.
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"The Dollar Bill is a worthless piece of paper with worthless ink printed on it…and yet people assign it value” -CEO of Bitpay.

Listen to Stephen Pair on Humans Of Bitcoin Podcast now.
Backing up your wallet is essential for the safety of your #BitcoinCash.

To ensure you have access to funds no matter what, follow these simple steps:
All the latest Bitcoin Cash news presented at HQ in Tokyo with Roger Ver, Mate Tokay and Corbin Fraser
This Week In Bitcoin!📢

Why US Govt. still don't quite get blockchain.
Russian miners selling off their hardware
Wallet Apps infected with malicious code

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New! Blockchain 2025 Episode!

Tron are working to build a new decentralized internet.

Do they have a chance at pulling it off?
Losing his parents young, triggered a radical life change for Didi.

He sold everything for Bitcoin to travel around the world.

Can he tempt you to do the same? is back open for business!

No more waiting around- buy #BitcoinCash (#BCH) right now.
Recently Bitpay warned users of a wallet vulnerability. wallet doesn't have this dependency, so no vulnerabilities for users 👍🏼
If you have to pay your money to Ohio, then it may as well be Bitcoin Cash!
All the latest #Bitcoin and #BitcoinCash market news with Roger Ver.

New! This Week In #Bitcoin Podcast Episode!

False News alert! Jihan Wu is still CEO of BITMAIN

Plus! All the latest on Post-Fork drama & new ways to split your coins.
Network Upgrade complete: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is stronger than ever after a successful upgrade.

What happens to your brain on #porn and what does it have to do with #crypto?

Find out:

The best #HumansOfBitcoin podcast yet!

Rob Vigilione tutored Afghans in Bitcoin, then went on to co-found Horizen (formerly Zen Cash).

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Update on the hard fork
Roger Ver talks through all the latest Bitcoin Cash news. It's been a big week with the hard fork..
Major Exchanges choose #BCH.

Kraken explains:

"Tokens of the Bitcoin Cash ABC protocol are listed on Kraken as Bitcoin Cash (BCH)"