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Hard Fork Countdown Special! Chickens Fed on Bitcoin Cash Corn & All The Latest Bitcoin Cash News
Your Morning crypto news: This Week In Bitcoin Just Out!


The Venezuelan Petro Arrives, #BitcoinCash Fork Looms, Crypto City plans & an Initiative Q breakdown.
What life changing DApp would you #buidl if you had the chance? You have to start somewhere. No matter your coding ability, give #buidling a go at: ✌🏻
Roger Ver's thoughts on the upcoming Bitcoin Cash upgrade taking place on November 15th
Today marks one year since Segwit2x was cancelled...🙈

#ThursdayThoughts #Bitcoin
Students Attitudes Towards Bitcoin and Blockchain a Podcast Special.
The latest Bitcoin Cash news presented by Roger Ver

10 Years Since Bitcoin Whitepaper! 24 Million Transactions in One Day? Roger's biggest 'missed' investment
eGifter for is live!

You can now use BCH to buy from big name brands!

With eGifter cards there’s no need to convert your BCH to Fiat.

Just buy online and spend in minutes.
In 2009 Forbes 30 under 30, Nischal Shetty sold his PC, losing ultimately millions of $'s of Bitcoin.

Has Nischal hit the 'sweet spot' in India with his exchange WazirX.
Listen now! 🔈
Blockchain Devs! Listen Up!

Gabriel answers:
Why you should launch a token on Bitcoin Cash
What it takes to work as a Bitcoin Cash Developer
If he thinks the 'split' will happen. Weekly show with Roger Ver and Corbin Fraser is now up. Special teaser at the end -

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This Week In Bitcoin Just out!
Coinbase announcing their support of #USDC
Star Xu and OkEx's tough week
HTC's launch of 1st #blockchain phone
Plus! 10 days that shook #Bitcoin world.
Bitcoin Cash Association Just Announced They Will Financially Support eatBCH! 👏🏻

They will be giving $1000 of BCH each month to those in need. #Freedom is #BCH.

Thanks so much guys, you're incredible!
“An adult that wants to buy something should be able to buy it, we should not need a license to sell a certain long as nobody is committing fraud.”
- @ErikVoorhees🦊
Bitcoin Cash adoption is reaching it's tipping point -
hundreds of new merchants being on-boarded every week.
Exclusive Blockchain 2025!

Matt & Kelso examine: Trust Machine- The Story of Blockchain.

Created by Alex Winter famous for 'Downloaded' and 'Deep Web'.

Listen to their insights.
Hey guys - I recently had the chance to interview the very impressive, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker - Derek Magill. Check out if you are interested!
Entered the Paper Wallet Contest yet? If not, we've made it even easier to enter! Head to Instagram, for more info.

Send us your designs before Nov 1st!
3 million people have left Venezuela.

Not Jose.

He stayed to help set up @eatBCH.

Just $5 of #BCH feeds 20.

Here's what's really going on in #Venezuela & how to help.
Still obsessing over Bitcoin price?

Listen to the Special Mining Podcast Episode with Kevin Zhang.

& understand why market price really isn't a metric to focus on with Bitcoin.
Roger Ver's Bitcoin weekly update show is out -
Roger Ver explains the rampant manipulation of social media in the cryptocurrency space in his latest video -
A round-up of the most important crypto news right now:
Topics :
BTC supporter backs credit cards 🙈
#BitcoinCash gets an ICO
Live 51% attack planned for Oct 13th

Listen now!
Matt Aaron & Kelso discuss the State of Blockchain in Q4.

Has ICO investment slowed down in 2018? Are token sales really for the people?

Plus! How should we gear up for the next Bull run?
"Legislation does nothing more than give us a least common denominator in which we live. Screw that, let people learn for themselves."

Be captivated by John Mcafee- Listen now!