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This Week In Bitcoin: Death Spirals, Lies & Cryptophobia.

Misinformation has reached a new level in the bear market.

Topics: Bitcoin positive for climate & Morgan Creek vs S+P 500.
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Hate it when you’re about to tip your waiter with Bitcoin Cash for great service-but they don't have the wallet, they’re super busy and the internet is poor?

We invented a solution.
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10 days Of Bitmas at the store!

For 35% off of all swag and hardware until 11:59pm Thursday 6th ( EST), visit

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"The Dollar Bill is a worthless piece of paper with worthless ink printed on it…and yet people assign it value” -CEO of Bitpay.

Listen to Stephen Pair on Humans Of Bitcoin Podcast now.
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Backing up your wallet is essential for the safety of your #BitcoinCash.

To ensure you have access to funds no matter what, follow these simple steps:
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All the latest Bitcoin Cash news presented at HQ in Tokyo with Roger Ver, Mate Tokay and Corbin Fraser
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This Week In Bitcoin!📢

Why US Govt. still don't quite get blockchain.
Russian miners selling off their hardware
Wallet Apps infected with malicious code

Listen & subscribe!
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New! Blockchain 2025 Episode!

Tron are working to build a new decentralized internet.

Do they have a chance at pulling it off?
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Losing his parents young, triggered a radical life change for Didi.

He sold everything for Bitcoin to travel around the world.

Can he tempt you to do the same?

· 357d is back open for business!

No more waiting around- buy #BitcoinCash (#BCH) right now.
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Recently Bitpay warned users of a wallet vulnerability. wallet doesn't have this dependency, so no vulnerabilities for users 👍🏼
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If you have to pay your money to Ohio, then it may as well be Bitcoin Cash!
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All the latest #Bitcoin and #BitcoinCash market news with Roger Ver.

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New! This Week In #Bitcoin Podcast Episode!

False News alert! Jihan Wu is still CEO of BITMAIN

Plus! All the latest on Post-Fork drama & new ways to split your coins.
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Network Upgrade complete: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is stronger than ever after a successful upgrade.

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What happens to your brain on #porn and what does it have to do with #crypto?

Find out:

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The best #HumansOfBitcoin podcast yet!

Rob Vigilione tutored Afghans in Bitcoin, then went on to co-found Horizen (formerly Zen Cash).

Listen and gain valuable insights now!
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Update on the hard fork
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Roger Ver talks through all the latest Bitcoin Cash news. It's been a big week with the hard fork..
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Major Exchanges choose #BCH.

Kraken explains:

"Tokens of the Bitcoin Cash ABC protocol are listed on Kraken as Bitcoin Cash (BCH)"