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Just when I think alt social media isn't worth it I wake up to 40+ notifications on Mastodon. Over double the engagement as on the same post on Twitter
47d · bitcoin cash
New website looking good!
I did a dental restoration 😬
60d · Flat Earth
Based on my exhaustive scientific observations, 90% of the global population is mentally retarded by now.

First attempt at mushroom cultivation- Pink oysters from a kit. So fucking good.
Imagine LOTR, but it's entirely from Gandalf's perspective, and in this version, no one listens to him. He just rides around trying desperately to get everyone to join his cause and they all just be like 'OK doomer'.
67d · test
This raffle to support chaintip seems pretty neat:

I was able to send the sats to the address right from memo and get my tickets. Maybe I'll win some sats.
I hope you can find a purpose for living if you might want that.

Communities and companionship can be developed.

I wish you inner and outer peace.
Abu Bakkar
Hello dear users.
Just joined it is looking interesting. A new opportunity to meet with new people and make new friends.
Abu Bakkar
Can anybody explain to me how this platform works. I am new here and i am not used to it yet. Anybody?
replied 69d
Abu Bakkar
It's the same content, but a different view
Having had a conversation about sports today, I conceded that I have been neglecting physical activity recently because of academic duties. I really ought to be training my body as much I train my mind! #MondayMemo
69d · BCH Speculation
Hmm... I wonder if things are going to bottom out soon. I managed to time the top close enough to have sold. Might look into buying again soon. Got to see if this is the bottom though.
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replied 70d
You never know. Even the best traders have done a lot of wrong predictions, sometimes the best thing you can do is to believe in yourself based on your DYOR.
71d · capitalism
Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!

Bitcoin was always meant to be Cash!
74d · Spam
74d · BCH Speculation
BCH $667

That's why I hate when the price goes up: people buying are not ready to hold it.

More adoption, less speculation please :)
Now that the unconfirmed chained tx limit is gone, Bitcoin Cash developers will be able to discuss better and more fluently on the record over Memo / Member.
New member interface is NICE. Also glad to mute anything other then BCH.
replied 250d can just put a cap on how many txs pr. block can be 0 sats. That is how it originally in the Satoshi Bitcoin node.
Hotly requested new feature!

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