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69d · BCH Speculation
Hmm... I wonder if things are going to bottom out soon. I managed to time the top close enough to have sold. Might look into buying again soon. Got to see if this is the bottom though.
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New post: Memo, & app – TokenLife.Cash
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You never know. Even the best traders have done a lot of wrong predictions, sometimes the best thing you can do is to believe in yourself based on your DYOR.
Testing URL shortener, this link leads to /r/btc
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1Kab61JM7Wnky9RC 1Kab61
I was speculating this $500 range was a near bottom, but hey, I'm usually wrong.
Sunday special breakfast, avacado was getting squshy
BCH @ $505
71d · capitalism
Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!

Bitcoin was always meant to be Cash!
BCH $778 much lower then 1 week ago (down 34%). I wonder if this will level out or return above $1000
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Atleast it can be turned off (but ya, it's a mess)
74d · Spam
74d · BCH Speculation
BCH $667

That's why I hate when the price goes up: people buying are not ready to hold it.

More adoption, less speculation please :)
How low can the market go?
Now that the unconfirmed chained tx limit is gone, Bitcoin Cash developers will be able to discuss better and more fluently on the record over Memo / Member.
New member interface is NICE. Also glad to mute anything other then BCH.
replied 250d can just put a cap on how many txs pr. block can be 0 sats. That is how it originally in the Satoshi Bitcoin node.
New member interface is NICE. Also glad to mute anything other then BCH.
Hotly requested new feature!

See only content from the BCH network!
75d · capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists are exposed by one smart lady with a whiteboard.
82d · member
I hardly go to anymore because of the BitClout content on the homepage.
I've been listening to JPop radio for 24hours now. Its (surprising) like pop music from the early 00s. Maybe just this station. If I don't focus on the vocals, it hardly sounds foreign
88d · member
Dude free yourself from banks, have control to your own money, be your own bank, Go decentralized! Go with #BCH!