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replied 1698d
I will use them for the worst kind of good, you can believe it.
replied 1698d
Gaslit Nation is a terrible name, arguably the worst name in the history of names.
replied 1698d
Check these superlatives out: Castish Turbulanceish Disruptionistish. I could keep going on and on and on, there are a lot of superlatives to pick from.
1698d · Phrases that now grind my gears....
Killing babies are wrong, unless you eat them.
replied 1700d
That is a pretty silly comparison, comparing a mainline apple category to two specific cars that are niche and a small segment of the total sales of two companies.
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replied 1700d
Capital Gains Tax will be a issue though. Luckily BCH transactions on memo do not count as capital gains. It is considered fees. For some strange reason.
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replied 1700d
One of those graphs are not the like the other, compare for population, seems pretty clear what the solution is. Sharing is Caring.
replied 1700d
That sounds like a old "He who smelt it, dealt it" type of saying. Some variant of Snitches get Snitches. Those who knows (what is best for them) does not talk.
replied 1700d
Ukraine is run by Russia, and Russia is run by China, and China is run by England, and England is run by Wales, and Wales is run by Argentina, and Argentina is run by old war criminals
1700d · Bitcoin SV
Craig did not fail to warm our hearths and cool our minds.
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1700d · Favorite Quotes
"Keep a cool head and a warm heart." - Many people have said that.
replied 1700d
Meet me at the BSV train station in two hours for a lively discussion about something.
1700d · 10k Satoshi for Follow me
You can't buy my follow! (Or can you?!) NO. Never...... or maybe..... NO.
replied 1720d
You never know if people sharing onion articles actually believe they are real.
replied 1721d
If people ignore/mute people here, do they no longer show up in topics?
replied 1734d
What about non-factory beef?
replied 1736d
An example where the 0-conf can become an issue is here on memo by reaching the 25 action limit, that limit can be increased in time, variance not an issue for 0-conf in general.
replied 1736d
Block variance not a problem for any place and service that can accept 0-config, small and quick amounts works great for that. Only observation is that block variance is higher now.
replied 1736d
The variance on BCH is can get pretty bad due to sharing SHA256 with Bitcoin and 3% of the price, recent example 1 block per minute on average 16 blocks
1737d · 2-legged cancer
replied 1737d
Mailing list.