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#BitcoinCash adoption in Brisbane Australia, is the highest in the world #Bitcoin #BCH #BTC #cryptocurrency
Roger Ver interview: Bangkok Miners Summit 2018 #BCH #BitcoinCash
Roger Ver interview: Bangkok Miners Summit 2018 #BCH #BitcoinCash
Shilling #BCH in Bangkok with Roger Ver.
Shilling #BCH in Bangkok
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Dr. Craig S Wright Interview: Bangkok Miners Summit 2018 @ProfFaustus #BCH #BitcoinCash
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Blockstream operatives are orchestrating a coordinated attack to silence me into submission - confirmation that I'm right on target.
Bitcoin Cash: Civil War - Explained
Recently with the decentralised development of Bitcoin Cash, dev teams have been butting heads. This is the natural order of Bitcoin, like we have never seen it before.
Due to ongoing censorship by YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, all my future uploads will be mirrored on alternate platforms.
Bitcoin News: Miners Take Back Bitcoin, HandCash POP!, Bitmain Discloses 1M BCH Holdings.
An internet bill of rights needs to be introduced.
Its crony capitalism. They may be a privately owned business but the reality is that these platforms are the modren day town-square, where people have a right to be heard.
We should invite Alex here. Then no one can stop his voice. Could even bring in a ton of new users. ;)
Roger needs to get in touch with him again and shill BCH harder.
Unbelievable communist style censorship - they do this to InfoWars and they'll do it to anyone. The corrupt big tech monopoly must broken up.
@memobch - cannot be censored!
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I appreciate the effort bitpay and coinbase do for crypto, but the main target is to remove 3rd parties.
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