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Fighting for Freedom and Liberty.


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Talking about the #BCHcity Conference; why we chose to host the event in North Queensland, what will take place at the event and more.
#BitcoinCash #BCH
Enhanced privacy is now available for #BitcoinCash. CashShuffle is a fully decentralized coin mixing protocol that shuffles your Bitcoin Cash with other network participants.
Find out why crypto merchants in Australia are dropping multi-coin PoS systems in favour of #BitcoinCash #BCH.
EXCLUSIVE: Hands-on look at Bitcoin(dot)com's new #BitcoinCash marketplace. Buy and sell #Bitcoin #BCH anonymously!
#crypto #cryptocurrency
The CoinSpice Show #2 w/@merc1er - #BitcoinCash Hard Fork, Local.Bitcoin.com Launches, Bull Market Return
#BCH #Bitcoin
Announcing the all new CoinSpice Show. Corentin Mercier, a skilled developer in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, joins Hayden Otto on the channel as co-hosts.
#bitcoin #bitcoincash #podcast
The original video was taken down by a music copyright claim. Please like, share and subscribe so we can get it back to 5000+ views! Your support is appreciated :)
#BitcoinCash #BCH
The first ever documented #Bitcoin merchant onboarding! #BitcoinCash #BCH
Lightning Network coffee run - Banking 2.0 is here!
What do you know about #Bitcoin?
#BitcoinCash #BCH #BTC #BSV
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Fighting for Freedom and Liberty.
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You can't be a revolutionary if you're not willing to put skin in the game.
#BitcoinCash adoption in Brisbane Australia, is the highest in the world #Bitcoin #BCH #BTC #cryptocurrency
Roger Ver interview: Bangkok Miners Summit 2018 #BCH #BitcoinCash
Roger Ver interview: Bangkok Miners Summit 2018 #BCH #BitcoinCash
Shilling #BCH in Bangkok with Roger Ver.
Shilling #BCH in Bangkok https://imgur.com/a/sqMzIfW
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Dr. Craig S Wright Interview: Bangkok Miners Summit 2018 @ProfFaustus #BCH #BitcoinCash
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Blockstream operatives are orchestrating a coordinated attack to silence me into submission - confirmation that I'm right on target.
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Bitcoin Cash: Civil War - Explained