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Love It!!
To everyone who ever called Trump a dictator — a dictator can’t be censored. The one doing the censoring is the dictator.
BREAKING: Twitter has permanently banned President Trump from the platform, citing "risk of further incitement of violence." Did you see the Tweet because i did not?
#Flipstarter is the #GoFundMe of the #Crypto World, In this Video How to get your refund from a campaign funded by an #Electron Cash wallet.
Where is Jack Ma?
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That's it Mate
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I made a video on how you can get your refund and I'll upload it
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If you could only pardon ONE person, who would it be?
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For you, COVID19 is ?!
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What is your age? I really want to know which age group uses this site most☺️
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I put in around 2 BCH, so sad to see it fail, but at least I have my coins back, we are having discussions on a smaller campaign and a campaign for the Gold Coast in Australia
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$400 usd at my end here in Australia
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Here we go
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I have a visa.
Perhaps when the government ends the Lockout
I can visit and have a look at the situation.
...Being in the market to buy a boat in your area.
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Corruption is fierce
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I know personally the ABC side, how do you suggest funding for projects when donations as are unreliable and often come with strings attached?
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