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Deep fakes are getting seriously better
4d · what the talking heads on tv say 🐓😝
7d · Transvestigations 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍⚧️
"The Only thing we learn from History is that we don't learn anything from History"

George Hegel
"The Only thing we learn from History is that we don't learn anything from History"

George Hegel
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I am not going to be mean too you like you want.
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Unusual Uther
If that's the case lol I am working with merchants to accept #Bch for the needs of these downtrodden souls.

The idea is to help the homeless and reward businesses by accepting #bch
Left a good meal for a #homeless lady today, it breaks my heart to see fall in this state, my mission is to bring the #bch community #donations linking both businesses and the needy

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Price of #Bitcoin on Valentine's Day in USD:

2021: $49,000
2020: $10,242
2019: $3,569
2018: $9,031
2017: $1,008
2016: $397
2015: $247
2014: $632
2013: $26
2012: $5
2011: $1
2010: 5¢
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Dang im new at this
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Kim dot com is my hero
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Bloody scams hey
21d · COVID-19
China Investigates China and finds that China is not Responsible for the virus that came from China
Currently reading up on prediction markets. Please tell me the weaknesses of prediction markets built on a future BCH scripting system that supports them in a scalable way.
26d · bitcoin cash
#bitcoincash taxis seen on Amazing race https://imgur.com/gallery/3toe6fM
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#bitcoincash seen taxi cabs on Amazing race https://imgur.com/gallery/3toe6fM
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All of those notes are coming from one Ukelele. Checkmate, physics.

FYI He again included a BCH address for support. Click "show more".

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At least for me:
$BCH Green heart $ETH

I also like to think that:
$ETH Blue heart $BCH

Two rare networks with meaningful intent and vision.

A real man cant stand seeing his woman hurt..his careful with his decisions and actions..so he never has to be responsible for her pain..