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BCH Latam ecosystem building startup, focused on merchants & remittances to start. Currently doing a crowdfunding ITO at Run by George Donnelly 18nM7JhhSLbxARSyhiKQXQSNrqJDpbjxxW


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bought 25 PAN for 25,000,000 satoshis (1,000,000 each) from 2d
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New BCH Latam virtual Bitcoin Cash meetup 1 Oct 7PM Bogotá time with special guests

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Hit CC bottom right for English subtitles on the video of BCH Latam's Sebastian Montes spending BCH in Medellín Colombia

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Feedback and partnerships welcome. 81% funded so far

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YouTube vid with subtitles hre:

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¡Que bien! Very nice!
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🎊More than 1,000,000 memo transactions have been confirmed!🎉
Thank you molecular, as well as to the other PAN token purchasers and holders.

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