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I think they[govts] already realized it is pointless to de-legalize Bitcoin, because it would have to be done all around the world simultaneously. 1/2
Supporters of lightning network intentionally crippled the world's best working and most popular crypto currency (Bitcoin).
While the SEC is busy trying to persecute Elon Musk for being one of the USA's best entrepreneurs, anyone can buy citizenship from a sane country with #BitcoinCash today.
#Tesla #SpaceX
BTC Maximalism vs the Truth:
We are building the tools to allow people to permissionlessly have complete control over their own money:
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Should be out any hour now. It has already been recorded. Thanks for asking!
BCH is a peer to peer electronic cash system.
BTC is not.
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Sk8eM dUb
There are already similar machines made in Korea that do exactly this with BCH. I hope to see them start getting deployed!
If cigarette taxes are meant to discourage smoking, wouldn't income taxes discourage working?
Sk8eM dUb
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I've heard that 1 sat/byte is actually pretty expensive. Mass usage is going to make mining way more profitable so I think we'll eventually get standard fees much lower than that.
Bitcoin Cash News with Roger Ver (me) & some Special Guests *LIVE* onboard Coinsbank Cruise

2098d · memo
Memo has reached 200,000 on-chain actions!
Sorry for the downtime. Traffic on memo increased 10x starting at 8am. Not sure if it was organic or not but it fits a similar pattern that was seen yesterday. Turning on CloudFlare DDOS protection brought site back.
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Last year BTC could only process a single transaction for $50.
Today BCH is processing 35,000 transactions for $50.
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A govt that wants to do bad things to its citizens will do them by controlling the flow of information in order to make the bad things look like good things.
(Just like /r/Bitcoin)
Countries experiencing hyperinflation:


#BitcoinCash solves this problem and helps millions of people.
"Bitcoin Core (BTC) has driven out anybody who understands economics, and so are incapable of building an economic system." - @Falkvinge
You don't have to agree with #AlexJones to support his right to say it.
The purge makes me even more eager for the world to use censorship resistant platforms like this one.
BTC is Lightning Coin.
BCH is Satoshi Coin.
If one reads the Bitcoin defining white paper, and is honest with one’s self, it is clear that it is describing BCH, not BTC.
This is why onboards more new #BitcoinCash users in a single day than the lightning network has added in its entire existence.
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Yup, platforms like are certainly going to help with adoption
Memo Update:
- Mini profiles when hovering usernames
- Sort profiles by newest
- Dashboard default only shows posts
- Added "top" posts back