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I believe that crypto-currency will be the future of money. Soon every day consumers will be using it worldwide! I am an expert in bitcoin mining. Feel free to ask any questions!


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What crypto product or company should I review next?
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What features would you like to see added on Memo? If you had to create a better Memo what features would you add?
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CZ the CEO tweeted Bitcoin Core was the real bitcoin and how he didnt like BCH. Its a personal beef.
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If you use paxful you can exchange amazon giftcards for bitcoin at regular rates.
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Unusual Uther
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ahahah nah not that bad. Was just curious.
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Selling twitter followers $50 for 1k. Qaulity real people. You can buy up to $500 worth at one time that's all I can handle. My friend recently showed me the secret to twitter.
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Why is this such a rough question?
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Just curious....
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Has anyone ever made a full 1 bch from this website yet?
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Kingsley Ndaguba